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Amami Yuki “VŠC—SŠó ( Yuki Amami )

NameAmami Yuki

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Filmography (26)
Chef ~ Mitsuboshi no Kyushoku
Chef ~ ŽOƒc¯‚Ì‹‹H
Hoshino Mitsuko
Gisou no Fuufu
Kamon Hiro
‰Ã–åƒqƒ (45)
Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu
Makabe Yukiko
Kekkon Shinai
Kirishima Haruko
Kaeru no Oujo-sama
Kurasaka Mio
Osawa Eriko
Saotome Yuri
Wagaya no Rekishi
Onizuka Chiaki
Fumo Chitai
Hamanaka Beniko
Osawa Eriko
Around 40
Ogata Satoko (39)
Enka no Joou
‰‰‰Ì‚̏—‰¤ (‚¦‚ñ‚© ‚Ì ‚¶‚储‚¤)
Ookouchi Himawari (39)
Top Caster
Onna no Ichidaiki
Koshiji Fubuki (2nd Night)
Jyoou no Kyoushitsu
Akutsu Maya (37)
Rikon Bengoshi 2
—£¥•ÙŒìŽmII`ƒnƒ“ƒTƒ€ ƒE[ƒ}ƒ“`
Mamiya Takako
ŠÔ‹{‹MŽq (35)
Rasuto Purezento
•½–Ø–¾“ú (36)
Rikon Bengoshi
Mamiya Takako
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei
Ri Kouran
Bara no Jyujika
Takahata Akira
‚”¨‹Å (34)
Toshiie to Matsu
Suiyoubi no Jouji
Sakura Ai
²‘q@‚ ‚¢ (33)
Fighting Girl
Mitsui Shoko
ŽOˆäËŽq (33)
Renai Sagishi
Shinsengumi Keppuroku (1998)
Naguru Onna

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Users who voted for this artiste (40)
1. snow_san
Amami Yuki carries herself very well and always looks sharp. From straight faced sexy&devilish (Queen of the Classroom) to clumsy & funny (Queen of Enka). Enjoyed Rikon Bengoshi 1&2. Some really good episodes of BOSS. Around 40 was ok. Didn't care for Last Present, BOSS 2 , Kaeru no Oujo-sama (quit after 7 ep.), and Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu (quit after 3).
2. Taira-Panku
My favorite actress of all time!
I have not seen in her one drama I have not liked. Amami Yuki is not afraid to push the envolope and is such a strong person. All her roles she plays turns to gold! She can show many diffrent emotions! The best actress of our time!
3. souldoc70
Amami- chan is really talented,pretty,funny and humble.i've not encounter any of her dramas which i don't like or the drama is cheesy/lousy.one of the very few actresses who do not depend on looks/rumours and 'packaging' to succeed.
4. yourasthma
sexy, strong and mature facial features suit her very well. extremely talented and she's one of the few actresses with enough charisma to carry her own show... looks at least two decades younger. hope to watch more of her shows.
5. -Takashi-
I liked her from The Queens Classroom. She can play so serious and yet shes is very cheerful when not acting. I find that really funny. She is a great actress and Id like to see more of her. Oh, and she can dance too haha.
6. akitezuka
She has to be the best actress ever!! Takarazuka ex-top otokoyaku, she can sing, dance, and most importantly, she can act, so well. She's cool , beautiful and adorable. She's one of a kind. My fav of fav!
7. kumaxell
She is an amazing actress. She can be serious (watch Jyoou no Kyoushitsu) and she can be hilariously funny (watch Top Caster and Rikon Bengoshi 2).
8. Sun_Shang_Xiang
Brilliant actress, able to handle many roles, I hope she doesn't get trapped in strong woman roles though as she is also capable of comedic roles.
9. UWFShooter
Beautiful, classy and always elegant woman. Liked her performance in Bara no Jujika although in Naguru Onna she wasn't good.
10. strawberryfzz
She can dance, sing, act and on top of that she's beautiful and can play both feminine and masculine roles.
11. Freestyler
One of my favorite...enjoy watching her playing career women in most of her drama...kakoiiiiiiiiii
12. Sajen16
I've only seen her in Boss but I must say I'm very impressed I hope to see more of her work soon
13. Old-Ant
Multi-talented, gorgeous actress with an incredibly strong presence.
14. Yorokobi224
Love everything I've seen her in Enka no Joou made me smile so much
15. freeze
I like strong woman like her, she is also ex Takarazuka girl
16. chinz
matured, attractive, got character, acts well, sings well...
17. Maschera
Do you know she acted as Hikaru Genji in sen-nen no koi ?
18. ffrostte
A totally talented, elegant and beautiful 'artist'!!
19. tiesw
Known from Queen of Classroom... Great job done..
20. AK
Tall, serious, stylish... Inspiring.
21. Ikuko
She's very good actress!!
22. owllo
She is cool!
23. horse35
24. afifa1989
25. ionization
26. octane
27. Dega Kima
28. kou
29. runpup
30. jasp10n

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