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Nakamaru Yuichi 中丸雄一 ( Yuichi Nakamaru )

NameNakamaru Yuichi
Star SignVirgo
Birthday04 September 1983
Blood TypeO
Height174 cm
Weight55 kg

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Filmography (12)
Massage Tantei Joe
First Class
ファースト クラス
Nishihara Itsuki
Machigawarechatta Otoko
Kawamura Yasushi
Omoni Naitemasu
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ハンチョウ 3
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Kindaichi shonen no Jikenbo (2005)

Users who voted for this artiste (24)
1. raynawashere
LOVE HIM!! he is so awesome in RESCUE. i love it. and omg he is just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! >.< besides being an awesome actor. hes also such an awesome singer. i think he should get more solo parts in songs and more lead roles :D
2. erlia91
I know he's not as famous as Kamenashi Kazuya or Akanishi Jin but I think that Maru is really good, nice, and talented. He's great at dance and also has amazing voice. ^^
3. uni_hana
He's really good at beat-boxing. It's like, damb, I want to do that. He seems to be a cool guy. And he's older then the rest of his fellow band mates. {^_^}
4. ja yakusoku
he's SO CUTEE. i love his voice and i LOVE his humor and i LOVE his beatboxing! he's my second favorite!
5. Masuda_Takahisa_Lover
My 2ed fav in KAT-TUN he is human beat-box and also is an awesome signer i love his voice!!!
6. Rin-chan
He's cute, have a hott body and i love how he does this beat box thing in all the songs
7. Shibien
I think Yuichi is the "forgotten boy" xD but I guess he is a very talented guy :3
8. johnnysjr
yeah! yuichi!
very funny in kindaichi!
and i like his vocal persecussion!!!
9. oonqy
though u look common, but u are handsome and talented ! sukidaiyo!
10. linda100
I love Nakamaru! He's 1 of my favs in KAT-TUN! love his beatbox!
11. wakitinha
i adore......so funny....the best of beat box.....
12. candygurl
very funny and has amzing===super sugoi beat boxing
13. nanaKM46
I love his character & beatboxing
14. ikuta_kumiko
kawaii.. maru.. suki desu~~
15. hitoshi_p
I love him Toooooo
16. valenresh
great beatboxer
17. littlegurl
hes talented
18. shannen
19. arashi4dream
20. suzu
21. _YukI_
22. mystewpig
23. Chibi-JinJin
24. Tooru~_17