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Top 100
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Yamada Takayuki RcFV ( Takayuki Yamada )

NameYamada Takayuki
Star SignLibra
Birthday20 October 1983
Blood TypeA

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1. Sorata
My favorite actor. Imo heLs the best young actor of his generation, he can play any kind of character with ease, the bigest proof is his performances on 2005 Densha Otoko(where he plays a coward otaku) and 2007 Crows 0(where he plays a fighting gang leader).
Anyway heLs awesome in every dorama and movie i saw him(H2, Water Boys, Byakuyakou, Taiyou no Uta, Fire Boys, Long Love Letter, Lunch no Joou, Sekai Chuushin, BOSS, Densha Otoko(movie), Sono toki wa kare ni yoroshiku, MW, Densha Otoko TV(cameo), Crows 0/Crows 0 II and Tegami). IMO his best performance in a jdorama was Saku in Sekai Chuushin, like the character or not, the delivery was great; his second best performance was Ryo from Byakuyakou, that kind of intensity canLt be done by a bad actor. My favorite character portrayed by him was the Suzuran Boss, Serizawa Tamao(the King of Beasts), from Crows 0, he looked really badass in the sequel, the kick he used to beat Urushibara Ryo was the "holy shit" momment of the movie.
2. yt
His just like anime come to live, almost as beautiful as a girl, yet not loosing his masculinity!
I first saw him in Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai, thought he was a cute babyface actor until I saw him in Fireboys. He was awesome in this. That drama was very face past, action packed which I really like, and he was a such a hottie in this!! How can anyone resist!!!! He showed a range of emotions thats really shiness onscreen. He brings a gentleness to his characters.... Come to the conclusion that he is a natural born actor. I say this afterseeing a whole heep of behind the scenes from dvd of Sekai no Chuushin de Ai o Sakebu. There was some parts where he had to cry and scream, from the directors shout "Action" he went from newtral into full fledged action in vertally no time at all. His a true acting GEM.

See my comments of him on this link:
3. compaqmac321
this guy..............just watch his stuff and then youll realise how great of an actor he is.....megumi no daigo was what i saw him in 1st....to me he carried that show for me....whenever i see him idk why but he doest look asian to me for sum reason....he became one of my faves when i saw him in a jdrama verson of my favorite anime/manga creator mitsuru adachi show H2, he played that role perfectly...then in Dragon head, he played a psycho perfectly....then in my favorite movie probably period Crows Zero he played the cool laid back thug role........if theres any actor that has a chance of beating out nagase for being my fav actor it will be yamada takayuki, he can play any role
4. Kotori
What a actor... *_____*
I feel already sorry about that I thought about voting for him just now! I watched almost all of his dramas with him playing the main roles, but also supporting roles as lunch no queen or Long love letter.. but I habe to say he has played every great or little role so perfectly!!! But the best job he did was still Sekai no shuushin de ai o sakebu.. there my impression changed completely about him! Even though his looks is not just as hot as other bishounen.. but his acting skill is 1000x better than theirs!! That's his way to become the top!!! And don't forget him as Ryo in Byakuyaku! Saikooouuu!!!! Sasuga ichi ban yii saiyu da!!
5. Nermal
Brilliant actor. Put up a wonderful performance in Sekachu (Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai o Sakebu) and truly desrved the best actor award for it. I will look forward to more of his work. Besides, who said that being the 'cutest' means the best actor? He might be a 'normal' looking guy.. not a really 'hottie'.. but he has amazing acting skills that deserve paying attention to. This is what you call a 'natural' when it comes to acting, those who have seen the behind the scenes of Sekachu will know that he can go from completely calm to screaming and crying right at the word 'action'. An actor to look out for.
6. mitchyko
definitely one of the most versatile actors in japan. he probably can perform any role you ask him to do. he can be funny and obnoxious like in "water boys" and he can be a very caring, loving boyfriend and cry like theres no tomorrow like in "crying out...". i must say though that his performance in "crying out..." is so amazing. i cant even believe that a person can act like that, with pure sincerity and depth. he's really a great actor and im looking forward on seeing him more on TV.
7. Leepee
He's so good!! But I felt that the characters he portrayed in Lunch Queen and Waterboys was kind of the same, but there wasn't a huge difference in the characters anyway.
I spent a few hours looking this guy up and all I can say is I really dislike Ayase Haruka ><!! and I'm starting to dislike Satomi Ishihara even *more after seeing her in all the johnny's dramas (jealousy... ><)
I hope I find *something wrong with him or else I won't be able to take him off my mind!! :D
8. thaigerl
I first saw Yamada Takayuki in Waterboys and after that in Sekachuu, and although he has many other dramas and projects out that I haven't kept up with as yet, what I've seen so far in his acting skills is that he has natural talent. He can display a character's goofiness, seriousness and determination without any problems and he's definitely someone to continue watching out for.
9. kawaii_kinki
first saw him in koi ga shita x3 he was great. and after watching him in other drama, he really grabbed my attention. he's one of the few young actors out there who i like. his acting is sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu is super perfect. his acting is so convincing that whenever he cried, i was crying with him!
you shouldnt miss this great young actor!
10. Swedish_Japan_Lover
If i hear that takayuki is in a drama, i strongly consider to watch it, every drama with him makes me interested. Not only because he's damn gorgeous but also for his acting. He's absolutly one of my favoriteactors, I don't know if his looks may have something to do with it, but his expressions and everything makes the drama worth watching
11. ellenfosh
I like his acting in water boys, sekai no chuusin, and h2. He is great actor, his performance in those dramas was very good, i could see the character inside him, grew strong more and more. He wasn't yamada takayuki anymore when he played his role, he could put the character into him.
GREAT JOB, Yamada-san
12. aoi_dolphine
He is really very adorable and cute when he smiles. I have taken a liking to his eyes which can really 'speaks' or rather act. The first drama which I noticed his presence... hhmmmm.... must be waterboy 1. Since than think I have seen quite a few of his drama till now. Keep the good work up =)
13. aoi
My interest for Yamada started with H2, thereafter I looked all over for his doramas. The result is I'm VERY impressed with his acting skill. He's splendid in Sekachuu. I'm looking forward to more of his works and hope to see him gets even better.
14. shiruchsn
Watched him at Sekachu, and he really CAN act. His acting is really wonderful, but of course, not perfect, he still have to learn more... He's not so gorgeous, but he's so cute in Sekachu! His smile and his voice are the best things in him!
15. tokiya
This guy deserves more than 172votes here. Undeniably one of the best actors of his generation. Able to give the charm and impact to his dramas. Totally knocks off all the fangirls' actors who can't act. Just look at his choice of doramas.
16. hina-sama
first saw him in H2. He really surprised me in this role, cuz when i saw him in the first 5 min, i knew he has great talent. But seeing him in Sekai no Chuushin, proved that i was right. He truly is a great actor who deserve your vote !
17. kyunspark
This guy surely more than just a pretty face... From the sweet boy next door in Crying Out Loud, dork in Densha Otoko, Psycho in Boss, and Byakuyako. A true top notch actor in Japan... And who could forget Crow Zero... YAmada rocks!!
18. sHa[D]oW
one of my favorite actors of all time. did a wonderful job in Sekai no Chuushin de...
Also did a great job in H2, expecially the sad moments when he was talking to Hikari. unmatched in any other drama.... Awesome Talent
19. missatralissa
He is probably my absolute favorite j-drama actor of all time. I adore him in Water Boys and H2! and from what little i've seen of Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu he proves he can make me cry as well as laugh.
20. bihearts
how to describe him.... hmmmmm...
watch Crows Zero/Crows Zero 2... then watch Water Boys... compare
watch densha otoko movie... then watch Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu... compare
21. Lime-kun
Takayuki just seems very natural and innocent in the roles he portrays...I especially liked his timid character Kankuro in Waterboys :D And I heard he's Koyuki's younger brother? O_o
22. pokester08
Stellar performance in Byakuyakou and hilarious in the Densha Otoko movie. Besides that, his acting is somewhat subdued...it's kinda hard to describe, but nonetheless, a good actor.
23. Jalapeno
I'm happy he's getting the exposure he truly deserves! He's one of the best J-actor of his time, I can't wait to watch Taiyou no Uta. He's such a gem in Sekachuu & Byakuyakou.
24. michiru3
sooo cute in Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai, my fave chara there. watching WaterBoys right now, too bad he has to act like a dolt, but still super cute to watch ^^
25. whowhatme
This guy is really cool, I like the cool/awkward roles that he plays, and he's the same height as I am! I'm sure he's going to become a huge superstar in the near future :)
26. shitomaru
i saw him 1st time in H2. he played very well to picture a character like Kunimi who is very clumsy towards girl. looking forward to see Sekai no Chuusin and Water Boys.
27. chewml
Great actor! Somehow feel that he has a story to tell, even with his back facing us. Especially the part that Aki was listening to his tape while in the hospital...
28. kitakaze
Er...I don't think he's attractive or anything since I'm not gay, but he's really cool in H2. Totally different from Churasan, the only other drama I've seen him in.
29. jrockreien
Sometimes a little off and odd but overall great actor... loved waterboys... waiting to watch that lunch thingy drama... oh and plays a good teen in Long Love Letter
30. misato-chan
He's so cute and a good actor ^_^ Loved him in sekai no chuushin de and H2. He's one of those actors I just love to watch and hope to see him in more dramas soon.
31. CWZ
He has show great performace in almost every drama i think, especially in the drama "Water Boys" and "Sekai No chuunshin De Ai wo sakebuetc"...A leading actor
32. ikadoodledoo
great actor.. you hsould see him in Sekai no Chuushin de Ai WO Sekabu.. this picture does not give justice.. he grew up to be a more alluring handsome man
33. mysticalgal84
i like him in roles where he acts the blur teenage boy who doesn't know what to do all the time... he does it so well... esp waterboys, fireboys and h2
34. TakumaSan
he's a realli great actor..
i watched all of his dramas and i think they were all great..
he has great talent and should play in more starting roles.
35. Kunimi-kun
he's a great actor. I like his single, he has great songs...he's my favorite actor, I watched him in H2, Densha Otoko movie, Sekachuu and Byaku Yakou
36. janas
first saw him in my first dorama ever: H2. But he is absolutelly gorgeous in every dorama.
HeLs one of the futureLs big stars. Definitely! My fav!
37. mrs_chiba
awesome!! one of my all time best actors! his acting never fail to attract me and he produced great dramas. i love the way he frowns when he act.
38. vega12
SekaChuu and Byakuyakou was defined by Haruka and Takayuki. I truly believe that these dramas succeed in part because of these two actors.
39. kintaro_kun
talented guy! cute when he sulks. must watch every show he stars in.i think he's one of those rare jap actors who actually are babyfaced.
40. Totchi
He can really act! I like him in Byakuyakou... he can look soooo sad! ;__; But I really want to see him in another dorama or movie!
41. yamapi_lover
sooo awesome!! i love everything hes in!!!! soo lovable!! yeah. total hottie love him!!!!! SOOOO FREAKiN TALENTED!! i LOVE HIM!!!
42. azn_wrx
Hes a great actor, hes also in the first ep of densha otoko (train man) as the guard on the train taking away the drunk man
43. shozen
he is a good actor. seen him grow from churasan to like water boys, and then sekai no chuushin. also is pretty good in H2.
44. ayi_tomokawa
wow.. love him.. he is so cute kawaii ne ^^.....i know him from watching water boys .. damn the drama was great .. ..^^
45. keiichi_mibara
He's really damn cute! I like him in Waterboys and H2. He's good in acting as a school kid that makes him more cuter!
46. PiriChan
Look at him: He's sooo handsome! And his smile is just wow, soo cute. And by the way he is a really good actor. : )
47. Chikane
Really good actor. Densha Otoko with him is really good... ans Sekai no Chuushin de Ai wo Sakebu.... omg, perfect!
48. momoxjelly
Yamada Takayuki is so hot i really want to watch byakuyakou sooo bad now wahhhhh yamada takayuki daisukii!!! </3
49. simonelin
Love him in Sekai no chuushin de, ai wo sakebu and Fireboys! A not so good looking guy but with great acting.
50. crealism
He made me cry so bad in Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu. Very talented for an actor of his age.
51. tanteun
He's sooo talented, did well so far in such a young age, not to mention he's soooo kakkoiiiiiii :D
52. aiscess
Talented actor...especially in drama series...but I specially like him as Kankuro in Waterboys^0^
53. azzwipe
So far he's been absolutely brilliant in Waterboys and especially Crying out love, but also H2.
54. teks
seen him in H2, sekaichuu and byakuyakou, splendid actor.. gotta see some more with him soon :)
55. naoki666
meanie face :D
like he's acting always look cool for sec then turn to like dummy afterward :P
56. doink-chan
He's very cute, and I loved his performances in H2 and SekaChuu. *must see more of his dramas*
57. Shuin
Very talented actor, love his acting in Waterboy, H2 and also Taiyo no Uta, simply awesome! =)
58. turbozed730
This guy deserves to be higher on the list. One of the best dramatic japanese actors period.
59. Tohru
eheheh this is the first time i saw this actor and i quickly fell inlove with the way he act
60. nelo
He's an actor that deserves to get an award for his next dramas.

Great actor ! handsdown
61. apple2vivian
Love all of his dramas...very talented acting...very mature but cute at da same time...LOL
62. xiuz
i like his acting, like his attitude & effort to bring out the character that he acts.
63. monmon
Definitely he's my favourite actor! Superb! I love his acting very much. He's sugoii <33
64. jetlag
I vote for him because of his acting performance. Just love his acting; it's so natural.
65. u0500016
I enjoy seeing his drama ,example fireboy,water boy,h2.......and he is so handsome ....
66. rifin2000
ah .. ani hensem hantap ni...gerenti best.. di jamin pulangan wang anda...kawaiiiiii...
67. Akira_m
Not just a pretty face.. n darn, he can really cry. Getting better n better each time.
68. akiha
he's sooo good in byakuyakou! it looks like he completely threw himself in character!
69. kjw_zhen
yamada!! hope to see more of his dramas!! love him in 'waterboys' & 'H2'!!
70. Renee
yamada was so great perform in H2 one of the best doorama thatI ever watched
71. mikkichan
I love him in H2. He look very HOT and CUTE in there. A very talent actor.
72. cheetara56
He can express so much passion and emotion in his eyes alone; he's great.
73. bettebogart
One of the best Japanese dramatic actors today. A fantastic young talent.
74. vuongquoc
i really envy with him!!!
Kakkoi toka GUDDO ACTO toka.... SUGOI!!!!!!!!
75. carrie11
A good actor. Love him in sekai ni chuusin de aiosekebu and H2. *muack*
76. kadwa
good actor, deserve the role of saku. great job portraying that role.
77. kaitosan20
i watchd most of his dramas his prety good. in byakuyakou with ayase
78. chibichan
He is brilliant, i can feel his sincerity in every role he played.
79. gopro
Watched him in H2 and Sekai no Chuushin. Excellent acting period.
80. intro_bay
my favourite 'young' actor! takayuki yamada is a legend in H2!!!
81. sekaiai
Very good talent Actor.
Love him So much in sekai_ai & H2
82. miaeih
First saw him in Koi ga shitai and recently in Sekachu and H2.
83. lucasnaruto
Hit that ball. didnt love you as densha but boy you can pitch.
84. krazeealiens
he is also excellent... move me in every jdorama dat hes in
85. Mali
He's younger than me, but who cares. He is my favourite!!
86. Beanender
The guy is the best actor living history have witnessed
87. Ken-chan
Great actor, biggest acting talent in japan right now!
88. Arashi-hime
so hot and a great actor, how can i not vote for him?!
89. tommy
good performance!! never give up brother, do it right.
90. dirtypink
saw him in H2 and fell in loveeeee.he is superrrrrrr.
91. &pound;Ov3_JuN
He is so cute and hansum in water boys!! love him..
92. adrxuan
he's one of my fav.artiste!!!cooLLLLLL!!Love him!!
93. nagaioyasumi
He's my human koala! No, really. Pure brilliance.
94. Mengo
Great actor no matter what type of role he plays
95. sa-sah
I like him so much! He is a really good actor ^^
96. ema
he's hot! looking forward waterboys to ogle him
97. isma
his acting is so adorable for me..he's cute too
98. shinomori27
proved a very solid actor, especially in H2. :)
99. V(~^____^~)S
aww man this guy is so talented and cute s2 s2
100. ko ko
is like superman...he can do (/act) anything.
101. jehess
He is so hot in crows zero and taiyou no uta.
102. anneyuu
I give him my vote for his performace in H2!
103. nickpoliseno
A fun Actor, which nice appealing features.
104. Anees
Really really good in Sekai no chuushin de.
He is a great actor, and with a great look
106. Selena
he's acting is great! very cute too!! XDD
107. jfallonismine
Great actor. Very awesome in Chura-san!!
108. snell
An up and coming actor to watch out for!
109. vietxmikey
great actor, cool character in Waterboys
110. Shareholdersequity1
Amazing in Sekachu and H2, decent in WB
111. xxohayouxx
his acting in Sekachu was just superb.
112. infidel16
say Hi to ur brother Dohmoto Tsuyoshi
113. Vosem8
Hp}upu|~z p{u
114. hidelirium
an actor who shines of all his talent
115. wen_yamada
he acts very well,,and he is cute>w<
116. kishimotokei
Awesome actor and kawaii too *__*
117. drkazndragon
118. Seghal
One of the best young actors.
119. My Eternal
Almost Beautiful as a girl!
120. yos823
Love his acting.
So cool!!
121. littlemissfab
I <3!!!!!!!!

nuff said.
122. 4red
all his drama's were great
123. prettylady
super cute in water boys!
124. sze
Support Yamada Takayuki ~
125. KamakazeBettie
all i can say is.... sigh
126. strawberryshortcake
I like him in water boys
127. kodja
thumbs up for you saku!
128. momo_chan
he is soooooo talented
129. hisu
very cute and talented
130. mr_dreamboy
131. Angry Machines
The best young actor!
132. roon
Amazing in Sekachuu.
133. cwhy
he is really good ~
134. furia
The best actor ever
135. jepy_east
omg..i like him!!!
136. TheDarkHoodedMan
really good actor
137. on_the_box
I love Yamada!!!
138. DoroboNiichan
Best actor ever!
139. Castorius
best actor !!!
140. yijing
not bad la...
141. vicvicious
he's talented
142. Wen3Wen
great in H2
143. nanako
he is good
144. Janne
The best!
145. xNoblexScarletx
Aww~ *o*
146. mujji
147. whyseph
148. saucecake
149. blakmetalik
150. Hase
151. ShuKuChi-
152. Sooji
153. noodlefreak
154. comel_5
155. Billy Wong
156. fone
157. ShyBLAzn
158. Shidou Hikaru
159. dae_dream
160. dmoi
161. acerman
162. kamikazestyle71
163. Razzmatazzz
164. leongchng
165. coldeyes
166. Makochan
167. elleyred
168. Smiley_18
169. akiyama
170. potato
171. baka123
172. Tougen
173. anely
174. nai_yve
175. melting_snow
176. itsuki
177. spira0902
178. pikanchi_double
179. runpup
180. Aire
181. *ume*
182. Shachus
183. starss
184. IntRoVertIsh
185. arashimania
186. Kiyohiko
187. aznkoodies
188. octane
189. Shinda
190. One
191. Houko
192. Tokibaka
193. netbreaker
194. Nao-chan
195. mangifera
196. hummer
197. jasp10n
198. SandBoi
199. back1
200. ricataka
201. centresquare98
202. koomiya823
203. dramafan
204. deina-kun
205. uchi23
206. starocean456
207. pv604
208. kamikaze54
209. krome
210. AkuNoHana
211. Hagumi-chan
212. zmtomako
213. zeraciel
214. sora zidan
215. yebisu
216. katsup
217. 20 century boy
218. bobopuzo
219. SpiritedAway

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