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Tsukamoto Takashi ˖{j ( Takashi Tsukamoto )

NameTsukamoto Takashi
Star SignScorpio
Birthday27 October 1982
Blood TypeA

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1. kneehard
Tsukamoto Takashi..what more can I say? He's a FABULOUS actor. Saw him first in Otou-san, later in doramas like Tiger & Dragon, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Gokusen, Fire Boys and Battle Royale. He plays the delinquent role very well, although I think he outshines the main actor in Fireboys ( that guy is soo annoying). The more he acts, the more you realise he is very versatile and he gets cuter everytime too!!
2. CheeSauce
This actor is one of my favorite because he always plays such wonderful roles. He was great as Ani in Cat's Eye and he was soooo funny in Tiger and Dragon (it's not just because he had funny hair!) I think he is very underrated. I think even the small roles he plays are great like the bully in summer snow or Kurosaki in Gokusen. Notice he always has to be with Oguri?? Haha don't tell Mari that though =D
3. Majide
Takashi is a brilliant actor! He can play so many different types of roles which is good as an actor XD and not to mention he plays some of the silliest too..Takashi is really interesting to watch on screen in my opinion...just the way he interacts with people is very striking~and his face expressions are so priceless XD Very GREAT actor
4. K.T.Tran
Gin Gin cracks me up. He was hilarious in both Tiger and Dragon and also in Kisarazu Cats Eye. Also saw him perform in the Taiyou no Uta movie and I was glad to see he did another great performance there. Wanna see this guy in another comedy drama. I think thats where he really shines.
5. yukari_no_hoshi
I frist saw him in Battle Royale, but at that stage I had no idea it was TakashI! But I liked his character, Mimura, the most anyhow! Until I saw Fireboys again and his character was once again my favourite, he just never ceases to amuse me! He is sooooo cool as well!!!
6. nino_naru
I already watch his dorama like Stand Up!, Gokusen, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Otousan, Teppan Shoujo Akane, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko n of course Battle Royale ^ ^.

He's a hot one in BR, Stand Up!, Gokusen n so funny in KCE!! He's undoubtedly a real good actor!!! LOVE HIM!!!
7. flowerman
Battle royal was the first movie I met him.. Mimura was very cute But He was died in the end...sad na.
In KCE.Takashi played so cute. little bit of silly boy...so silly. very cute! Now I see him in Tiger&Dragom dorama with pretty Junichi..I like it's.
8. mikaela_angel07
i first saw him tho on Koda Kumi's PV "You" then i just realized he was in Battle Royal... i haven't seen all of his works yet, but i think he has the talent.. he's really cute and kakkoi~!! [^-^] he has a smile that can melt my heart hehe.. [n_n]v
9. nakiko
He's my current favourite --- I loved his performance in Battle Royale and he was absolutely adorable in his baseball uniform for Aoi Haru. I'm looking forward to seeing him in Rockers/Robocon and his doramas. (Plus he's hot)
10. Mylani
We first noticed him in Battle Royale, and have never been disappointed in the few dramas that we've seen him in. We've usually seen him in intense roles, but Tiger & Dragon is showing us the more comedic side ^^
11. Sponichi
Takashi Tsukamoto is a great actor. He was awesome in Battle Royale and in many of his excellent dramas, not to mention he is pretty good looking. I can't wait to see him in all of his upcoming roles.
12. Jiro takahara
he is by far my favorite actor...in the drama wakaba when he played tani junichi i wanted him and wakaba to be together...they still might be i have not finish the drama yet...but this guy can act!!!
13. Raining JHan
he is by far my favorite actor...in the drama wakaba when he played tani junichi i wanted him and wakaba to be together...they still might be i have not finish the drama yet...but this guy can act!!!
14. Lady Zhuge
Let's see...he's coolness, hotness, cuteness, and sexiness all rolled into one. Those lips will be the death of me, haha! Takashi is a talented young actor who deserves bigger and better roles!
15. saya317
Seen him first in Battle Royale. He was just so cute there. Actually , he's just cute, period. A talented actor who can take on various roles. Can't wait for him to have a lead role!
16. Patazilla
Ooooh, bad guy! *__* He's my secret favourite in Stand Up! and I'm always going nuts when I'm noticing somewhere acting around in the background! XD It's so funny to watch him... ^.^
17. Q-chan
VERY CUTE YOUNG ACTOR!! Love him in Battle Royale and Kisarazu Cat's Eyes. Played the role of Aniki in a very great way... Always wait for his next dorama & movie... KAKKOII!!!
18. SabrinaOshio
I dont know him before......I see him in Battle Royel then Kizarazu Cat's Eye good in acting and he look so ....I dont have a word for him..but he look sweet went he smile..
19. miklotov_camus
He's so cool, manly, sexy, good actor, good guitarist! I already watched Battle Royale, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, and Stand Up!
He was just amazing!!
20. daydgurl
He is so COOL and good-looking...... I LOVE him in Battle Royale. He looks so great whenever he acts. I love his acting cuz it seems like he is so into it.
21. Starsin
I'm a fangirl. It suppose give you a clear view. This is the first time ever I declare that I was a fangirl. And it was Takashi who made me do it.
22. s2thestrokes
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin HOT!!
23. I LUV V6!
I love Takashi when he's being the bad guy, and I love him when he's being the good guy. Definitely an excellent actor!!!
24. shitomaru
starting to like him when i see him in Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. he played so naturally. funny, i think it's his nature
25. omaren
um...he's cute!! XD why can't he ever be the main guy of some romance drama?/ 0_o;; like how takki ish!! >.<
26. moon
aarrrggghh.. i first saw him on Stand Up.. Kawaii!!! he's so cool... i wanna see other dramas of him too =p
27. wachi
he's so great. i love him in BR. he was so cute in Tiger & Dragon. his hair is just ...awesome. :D
28. vina.loves.sushi
he was great in Taiyou no Uta movie plus he's oguri shun's best friend so i like him as well, hehehhe
29. Kirari Ililah
One of the best I've seen. Can take any role and act it with such ease, no corniness what so ever.
30. azilian
mr. shinji boy was convincing, and I love his random appearances in dramas XD. + acting is nice.
31. Toaru
Hide-chan.. he has a punk face.. so funny.. i just wanna laugh when i remember him :) cool guy!
32. Rony Oka
I saw him in Battle Royal or something and he was really Great!
Plus he is fucking hott!
33. uyoku
One of the best J-drama personalities!! Just like those childhood neighborhood buddies.
34. bruisedlee
Hey...this is the hot blonde guy in episode 9 of Gokusen! Kurosaki-san!
35. Roxie
he is such a gud actor, hes rely cute and buff.
dusnt evry1 luv him?
36. Naiy
Really like this guy. If think he's a great actor. very cute too. XP
37. shiroi_tora
I loved his acting in Tiger and Dragon as well as Kisarazu cats eye
38. ilove4teen
is it true that takashi and taro yamamoto have gay film?
39. ShoonY
He's AMAZING.. Incredible.
He's a really great actor.
40. joychin
like him in battle royale and in gokusen as kosaki.!!
41. kyr_4
he looks like younger Keanu Reeves in Battle Royale
42. nose_digee
handsome and hot!!!!!!! cute actor too....
43. mizsymurda
my favorite actor!! the hottest too ^0^
44. rixile
my first crush i like the dimple baby!!
45. itsuka
can adapt to play many diverse roles~
46. cyberhyper
Ultimate hottie~
He sets me on fire!
47. hisu
a great actor. and also soo kakoii!!
48. pikanchi_double
About Love... that's all I'll say ^^
49. nagaioyasumi
Not just a j, he is an actor.
50. TANG
so talented and so handsome.
51. Puxxn
Handsome and talented actor.
52. Aura
Lovely guy, very handsome
53. ayabshue
he's so cute!!!
54. megami_san
he is so cute!
55. mugenglider
Very cool :)
56. Posh Teacher
Funny actor.
57. T.Chie
58. blu4ev3r
59. Sooji
60. caitlincoffee
61. clcs85
62. Nekomiyu
63. milkshake
64. Hikaru Sakurai
65. kuroyume
66. arashimania
67. magic-girl
68. Koyuki
69. akindo
70. roosterang
71. milkypanda
72. Nao-chan
73. tasmaniandevil
74. huizhian
75. atskv9
76. kisarazu
77. natsumi_chan06
78. weetzie_bat
79. scareglow
80. SpiritedAway

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