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Fujisawa Ema 藤澤恵麻 ( Ema Fujisawa )

NameFujisawa Ema

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Filmography (5)
Miss Pilot ミス・パイロットMiss Pilot

Saegusa Kanoko
Hatsukoi 初恋Hatsukoi
3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei 8 3年B組金八先生 83 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei 8
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Users who voted for this artiste (5)
1. bakafool
Just watched Lovely Complex. I've never seen Ema Fujisawa before, and although this movie was 3 years ago, she looked super young for her age, even for Asian standards. I really thought she was much younger. I love the way she acted though. Her facial expressions are HILARIOUS. I would have loved however that she acted a bit more smug at times just like in the anime. But overall, she and Teppei did well. That role in Lovely Complex is difficult to pull off and she did an admirable job!
2. Aunt_Jemima
oh wow !
i thought that there was gonna be waay more ppl that voted for her!
or at least thats how it should be !
she's a brilliant actress!
and sooo adorable!
she makes the funniest facial expressions ahah.
saw her in Lovely Complex, and oh man..
she just blew me away. ^-^
3. kuroi_rose
Oh my. Am i the first voter? I really like Ema-san. She is so pretty and quite high pitched ^_^. I first saw her in the jmovie Lovely Complex opposite Teppei Koike and i think she rocks!
4. srius
She is awesome in lovely complex, as far as i can see she is good, this leads me to wonder why she hasn't done many doramas
5. klon22
I saw her too in Love Complexy, really funny and good acting, i like her faces expression, ganbatte Fujisawa Ema