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Ikebukuro West Gate Park [池袋ウエストゲートパーク]




Drama Details
Title:Ikebukuro West Gate Park
Telecast:2000-04-14 to 2000-06-23
Season:Spring 2000

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:11 Episodes
1 Special

Users who voted for this drama (65)
1. mmyy
IWGP knows its extremities best and does not try to hide its vulgarity, which resulted in the most splendid rough series I've ever watched! The huge cast is full of wacky personalities that will either make you laugh silly or twitch in uneasiness, but a great job done by everyone nonetheless. Kubozuka Yosuke is the most outstanding actor here imho, perfect as the weirdly influential fun leader of the G-Boys. This drama is exceptionally funny and twisted and full of violence; defintiely not for the faint-hearted but highly recommended to everyone searching for a great hellride!
2. zushan
It's a massive change from the cliche high school/comedy/romance J-doramas. Obviously they never get you bored, but this is brilliant! Nagase Tomoya is great, but my favourite award must go to Kubozuka Yosuke, he's truly brilliant. It even has Ken Watanabe! And he puts on a great performance. All in all, a show worth watching, one of the most under-rated doramas on here!
3. keikotl
I thought this drama was interesting and the main lead is pretty funny in here. My favorite character here would be Mizuno (Yamapi). The only thing that I didn't like about the drama was of what happened to Mizuno at the end. I was shocked when Makoto and his friends found him in the locker. Hooh-hooh, it was a heart-wrenching scene for me.
4. himura_kenshin
This is my favorite dorama! Nagase Tomoya character is so cool and Watanabe Ken character is very well played by him... The king character is so funny and crazy... About the girls, Hikaru is beautiful but Kana is the most prretty of this series! Great serie with some cool action scenes, yakuza and gangs,etc...
5. ahochaude
Excellent! The life of Yankees in Japan. I think Nagase Tomoya did an excellent job as Makoto. Although a bit violent at times, I would still recommend this drama to people who want to see GOOD dramas.
6. bettebogart
Compared with other Jdramas, this is about as gritty as they get. A crime drama about gangs, not your usual drama but well done with some great performances, especially from Kubozuka Yousuke.
7. saya317
this drama has style! the editing, the music, the feeling you get from watching this show. i just love it for its youthful and edgy atmosphere. we need more dramas like this out there.
8. siaoliao
One of my favourite shows ever! I love how the tension actually rises in each episode all the way till the end. Plus the characters were varied and so well played out. Just fantastic!
9. ichiban_noodles
Hilariously irreverant & violent. So cutting edge, it's hard to believe it's 7 years old. Definitely a time capsule dorama, like something that was created in the future.
10. windrider
This is the most unique drama i've seen. Its almost film style. There's of cool teen attitude is overflowing in this show, which is a good thing :>
11. Blood_Berry
i think i'm in love with everything about this dorama! well except for the hikaru? hikari? girl... her cutesy voice & antics were annoying. XD
12. polarp
i really haven't seen anything like I.W.G.P. It is entertaining, eccentric and scary all at the same time. It is an odd drama in a stylish way.
13. williu
Great storyline, acting and directing. It keeps you hooked and waiting for more. Simply an amazing, but different, drama.
14. Mugen
I've been waiting for a Yakuza/Bosozoku drama and finally i've found IWGP,Tomoya Nagase is very good and his friend too.
15. oberon
really cool drama, i'm glad sars subtitled this. This drama is deals with real things and has a awsome cast
16. Yuna
Dioxxxxxxxxxxx un drama buenisimooooooooooooo pero un mal final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa T_T
17. jjpsychic2
2nd best drama i've watched, behind GTO..
story and lifestyle is just magnificent
18. cola_cherry
excellent it!!!! cried really hard wen yamaP was found. so sad~ very good cast!!
19. sasukekun6
Probably my favorite drama. The cast is fabulous and the plot is awesome.
20. vega12
Hilarious drama! Cast was great, and script was highly entertaining.
21. arashimania
Love the book, and love the drama! Nagase Tomoya did a great job !!
22. Dreamchaser
It's so damn crazy and has often great suspense. Makoto is great!
23. xuanie
cool, street ganster drama! different from those love n romance!
24. Limes
Unconventional storyline; superbly acted and directed drama.
25. kesusita
The drama has a great atmosphere and even better cast. :)
26. jdoramafreaks
Excellent! read the novel first then watch the drama.
27. Seghal
great combination of comedy, thriller and drama
28. lucy_monostone
Wow I love the violence!!! and Yamap!!!!
29. jpopfanatic
Dark, humorous, and a definite must see.
30. yume
Unneccessarily AMAZING drama! So funny.
31. drahzaar
this show is awesome it has everything
32. fuqinlan
one of my all time favourite show !!!
33. Viirastus
One of the best j-dramas I've seen.
34. crvn107
Brilliant!! Takashi is the best!
35. jessen100
original and very interesting
36. kisa7
haha cos tomoya is in it mah
37. Aunty Coco
A cut above the rest...
38. modesty81
Great fun this show!
39. ms-07
Greatest show ever.
40. terra-kun
Bukuro SAIKO!!!
41. xirho67
stylish and fun
42. sofia2002
Very good drama
43. noungnoi
the best drama
44. sucigam
See review.
45. compaqmac321
46. watanabe_fanclub
47. Meow
48. yolande
49. natzumi
50. tsugawa_tatsuya
51. Chisa
52. room304
53. ippi
54. ip-pi
55. boycandy
56. cajunx
57. fataliste
58. st_heaven
59. AkuNoHana
60. LaCorneille
61. dhiNe
62. Kanzaki
63. tabemonster
64. Swedish_Japan_Lover
65. SpiritedAway

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