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Itsumo futari de [いつもふたりで]



Drama Details
Title:Itsumo futari de
Always the two of us
Season:Winter 2003

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TV Station:Fuji TV
Duration:11 Episodes

Users who voted for this drama (44)
Matsu plays her true age, 26 here and is once more totally captivating. You could tell the other members of the cast try hard to stand up to her but no matter when she is acting as a silly spoilt out-of-towner or in a serious mode, she completely captures your attention even when the scrip and other actors are dull at times. The fantastic DVD quality of the show as well as the decor of the apartment featured here makes this even more of a delight to watch
2. FierceStriker
This show is GREAT!!!!! I have never been so moved and happy for the couple to end up together (even if it was obvious) since Long Vacation. Great dynamics between the leads. Who says Takako has to pair up with KimuTaku, she is fantastic with Kenji kun - the perfect sweet couple. A highly recommended feel-good drama.
3. Amika
the drama is all about Matsu Takako.. The story tell us never let go of your dream and if you try hard enough you will achieve it.. i think everyone have to agree with me that we all hate haichi in this drama...
4. celest8787
kenji sakaguchi and matsu takako make an interesting couple! the storyline's engaging and inspires us to think about our own dreams, and never give up on what we were set on doing! ganbatte ne!
5. kotoko
I love this drama. even though Kassy was replaced. the replacement did a good job (although not as handsome as kassy) but, i must admit that he did a GOOD job.

great story!
6. Talissa
Great characters, nice plot, heartwarming theme. Wish there were more episodes though. I'd love to bunk in with Hachi & company (he's got nice digs!)
7. kenjilina
the first drama that got my attention. lovely story if predictable but who cares when hasekyo and takako chan are in it!
8. DragonSpirit164
Heartwarming, easy to watch drama. Great acting and chemistry between Kenji and Matsu Takako. Love the ending!!!~
9. jenn
ohh my lifetime favourite! kenji and matsu takako sure is a good couple!
10. gelyn
i love the plot , the story etc... especially the hokkaido sceneries !!!
11. sara
i love it.. very funny & cute just why kashiwabara only 2-3 episode!!
12. ayuniebest
What more can u ask?
Childhood frens falling in love
13. RenYa
It's the cute story to bring up ur heart!!! ^^
14. fuqinlan
one of my all time favourite show !!!
15. Haiji
One of the best jdrama out there.
16. himitsu-kun
Got me hooked on watching doramas
17. moniker79
great chemistry, good theme...
18. ballistic88
Matsu Takako was in it.
19. atreyu112
I love the story line..
20. Furutaimkira
NicE SoUnDTraCk!!
21. gotten
22. gto481
Great show.
23. rexyloveshun
24. Satawat
Very cute
25. yajiro
Nice plot
26. Sungirl
27. sammimatsu
28. jtwong27
29. peeka
30. flyingangel
31. yoshizawa takashi
32. cutehinano
33. Hollywood
34. mwulaflaga
35. prettylady
36. koolaid
37. sodesuka
38. koiichef
39. hairbeeleck
40. Akasaka Hiker
41. XanMan
43. bto_1999
44. nocturn4l3030

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