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Remote [リモート]



Drama Details
Remote Control
Season:Fall 2002

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:10 Episodes

Users who voted for this drama (31)
1. makimura_RAn
Funny, funny, funny, ......
Koichi looks so cool and Kyoko (juzt like usual)
The story is interesting and a lot of comedy scene i think. Koichi acting was better i think. He can play the character of greatly.
2. Wisteria
A great detective dorama, with solid plots and good acting. Koichi was definitely born to play the part of Himuro Kozoburo, and Fukada Kyoko got the part of Ayaki Kurumi spot on.
3. TsuyoshiK
The pain of losing a love one was really acted out well by Koichi kun. Real contrast from Rookie. And the professional side he displayed was really good acting! Keep it up!!
4. kiimura+akuya
a cool & repressed koichi, working with a funny cute girl cop.. my very first koichi drama.. & you are bound to love koichi even more after watching Remote..
5. nagaioyasumi
Entertaining, yet sophisticated in it's portrayal of the cases and the characters. Kouchan was amazing as Himuro, I loved his character as much as I did the show.
6. Rinrin
Enjoyed watching homeboy Konishiki in his first drama. Fukada Kyoko's character was cute, but resilient. Great drama.
7. melting_snow
Interesting story line, like Kyoko's character, gd job by Koichi for the role Kozaburo Himuro!
8. mambo5
a simple plot with a great actress. she's never been this funnier.
9. Fyxyse
The story is very funny and koichi looked very cool and mature
10. sosweet56
great show. Koichi's too charming in this show. :)
11. areins7
kyoko chan are so cute ...koichi are super cool!!
12. 100aw
Light hearted and funny drama! Must watch!
13. Anil@Anil
This j-dorama is superb!
14. tkroom
I have him in my heart
15. Ikuko
Excellent drama! *_*
16. WatThePho970
So funny! ^.^
17. katrinka
18. Kris
19. elysia
20. lil gaea
21. takara51244
22. 1cy^Dr3@mz
23. QooKiGurL
24. T.Chie
25. mrsmith10
26. some_gurl
27. linda100
28. sora21
29. Fukakyon_Fan
30. ScrappedShinigami
31. jdoramafan44

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