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Taiyo no Kisetsu [z̋G]



Drama Details
Title:Taiyo no Kisetsu
Season:Summer 2002

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TV Station:TBS
Duration:11 Episodes

Users who voted for this drama (42)
1. bunnikawaii
Hideaki Takizawa....so cute....esp. topless. Heh...he...he...Hey, I'm a grown woman! = P This is the only JDorama I've seen of his. I hope to find his others. I liked the story between Tatsuya and Eiko. Tatsuya's manipulative ways made me dislike him a little, but that only means that Hideaki Takizawa did a good acting job. He made up for it in the end. I felt sorry for Shinji. I wish the ending was written differently. It made me cry. Overall, I thought it was a good drama. = )
2. donna8157
If you're a fan of Takizawa Hideaki, you definitely should not miss this drama! Tackey plays a totally different type of character from his other dramas and pulls it off magnificently. The chemistry between Tatsuya and Eiko was great and definitely had me wanting more. It has a memorable and bittersweet storyline with end thoughts/monologues that were incredibly heartwarming/heartwrenching. I enjoyed it very much and finished most of the series in a day.
3. ribi
This is one strong performance by Takki and the instrumentals for this doramas are so so painfully elegant that it's a crime that no official OST was ever launched for this dorama! It's one of those doramas that will stand the test of time and emerge a classic. Takki should be so glad that he got this dorama because it makes non-fans like me know why his fans are crazy over him.
4. juunigatsu
this story is quite meaningful and touching.. i cried like mad at the end.. it's one of the dramas that made me cry the most at the end. i juz found it a pity. takki was quite evil, and his mood changes quite drastically, although i don't like his character, i think he did a great job in the portrayal of this depressed and dark character. oh, and the piano piece is so beautiful!
5. hodgepodge307
tatsuya.....tatsuya....doshite???? YOUR SO DAMN HOT!!!! not to mention so kawaii...my fave takky's character is Ryu in News No Onna...but i have to say....TATSUYA is the best.... you have to watch takky in shower scene, love scenes, sweaty scenes.....haay...what can you ask for more!!!!
6. minilight1080
I love this drama, I had a feeling it talk me few stuff based on watching even though its dark I think the storyline was very good unpredictable. I really like the scenes between tatsuya, yuki
7. rw11
Tackey in the role of a baddie. Loved it.There is just so much angst and sensitivity about his character which he brings to the screen.
8. silvanelf
im only watching it b'coz of takizawa.. plus i don't have da one with eng subtitles.. so i dun understand.. haha
9. Juppi
sometimes little bit annoying but the final episode is amazing!

tackey is really acting well ^^ lovely
10. zi-chan
So sad, so touching but so sweet. Full of twists. Good play by Takky. He really can act! ^__^
11. adventchildren
i like this drama but the ending 's so sad
anh i was cry when i had saw the final epsion
12. helenlu
i think it's takki's best drama, he really acts well as the evil 龙
13. Y*U*K*I
Dark and deep but with Takizawa Hideaki and Ikewaki Chizuru together, Kawaii~!
14. Stevie
I loved this Drama but it was hard to watch it
15. riyana_rythe
coz of Takki and my friends recommendation!!
16. AppleTree
Its dark, but at the same time very touching
17. kaguyahime
i was cry when i had seen this drama
18. kenichi_l_karma
19. ditmercury
20. tsugawa_tatsuya
21. Kimbles
22. X-U
23. KnoTdoLL
24. Sana1x2
25. GameChili
26. roseland
27. ester_grace
28. hidezawa_himeko
29. michaela
30. Sisi Putri
31. Richie
32. est33
33. gr@ce
34. andryvee
35. chiLe6irL
36. 3571mylucky
37. Aini
38. j@cko
39. 3ine
40. feki
41. elauder
42. david97

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