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Gegege no Nyobo [QQQ̏[]



Drama Details
Title:Gegege no Nyobo
Telecast:2010-03-29 to 2010-09-25
Season:Spring 2010

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TV Station:NHK
Duration:156 Episodes (15 min. each)

The 82nd NHK Asadora is Gegege no Nyobo.

The story is based on a 2008 autobiography by Mura Nunoe, the wife of Gegege no Kitaro mangaka Mizuki Shigeru. The story revolves around the life of the married couple, told from the perspective of Mura.

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Actor/Actress Cast (20)
Matsushita Nao
Iida Nunoe
Mukai Osamu
Murai Shigeru
Nogiwa Yoko
Iida Toshi
Osugi Ren
Iida Genbee
Kotegawa Yuko
Iida Miyako
Adachi Rika
Iida Yukie
Hoshino Gen
Iida Takashi
Katsura Asami
Iida Kuniko
Arimori Narimi
Uno Teruko
Kazama Morio
Murai Shuhei
Takeshita Keiko
Murai Kinuyo
Ohkura Koji
Murai Yuichi
Hiraiwa Kami
Nomura Chiyoko
Sugiura Taiyo
Uragi Katsuo
Matsuzaka Keiko
Tanaka Michiko
Suzuki Hiroki
Kobayashi Taichi
Murakami Hiroaki
Fukazawa Yoichi
Minami Akina
Kawai Haruko
Sato Miku
young Fumie (10)
Kikuchi Asumi
young Fumie (7)

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Drama Reviews (1)
The review section may contain spoilers! Please understand
that you may find out about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Story of an Eccentric Artist [Rating: 7/10]
Before Ghostbusters, there were already similar horrific creatures in Mizuki Shigeru's manga, GeGeGe no Kitaro. Having lost an arm during the Second World War,he returned to Japan and started his life as an manga artist.The story began when his parents decided to find him a wife outside of Tokyo.As his wife came from a well-to-do family,his impoverished life in Tokyo wasn't what his wife has anticipated. The plot encircles the hapless encounters in his career and his ever-enduring wife by his side.
Reviewed by Eyeyore on 14 July 2010

Comments From Users (5)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by Eyeyore [Rating: 8/10]
I testified that over-riped blackened babanas are really sweet and cheap.
I became a Mukai Osamu fan after this drama.
And i watched all Gegege movies, bought the manga war biography of the author. For someone who had lost his arm during the war, nobody can dispute his testimony of the war. However, I must say it takes more than love on the part of his wife to endure his idiosyncracies and poverty.
2. Comments by dira [Rating: 7/10]
Motivational drama, moved by how gege and his wife struggle during hardship. Even when he is succeess, he is humble to everyone and appreciate their involvement in his life..i love the feeling and surrounding of the 60s era, especially the transformation of their shack to a beautiful family home...
3. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 8/10]
This one will probably be remembered as the one that put Nao Matsushita over the top while saving the asadora format for the foreseeable future.
4. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 9/10]
i quite like mukai osamu in this asadora!!! hope the cast in the movie is as good as mukai osamu...
5. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: ?/10]
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