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Shomuni 2013 [ƒVƒ‡ƒ€ƒj 2013]

Drama Details
Title:Shomuni 2013
ƒVƒ‡ƒ€ƒj 2013
Season:Summer 2013

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TV Station:Fuji TV

It has been 10 years since Shomuni had been dissolved in Manpan Corporation, and the department members have all gone on into retirement. Tsuboi Chinatsu's whereabouts is known to nobody.

Due to the long economic downturn suffered by Japanese companies, restructuring is a common occurrence nowadays. Manpan is no different from the rest. Maruyama Shiori is an Olympic gold-medal hopeful in the pole vault event. Manpan had recruited as part of their PR advertising, but due to severe costs-cutting measures, the track and field club in Manpan was dissolved, and Shiori is deemed to have no value to the company anymore. In order to make Shiori, who doesn't even have the skills to be a telephone operator, leave on her own accord, the company started tweeting bad things about her. Poor Shiori is now an outcast in the company and no one dares to be seen with her at all. No one, except for the team of OL, made up of Minami Madoka, Abe Reiko, Kojima Masuko and Fukuda Masuyo, who appear before her one by one.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (1)
1. Pink no Dangan [Serena]

Actor/Actress Cast (11)
Esumi Makiko
Tsuboi Chinatsu
Minami Madoka
Honda Tsubasa
Maruyama Shiori
Ando Sakura
Abe Reiko
Mori Kanna
Kojima Misuzu
Horiuchi Keiko
Fukuda Masuyo
Miura Shohei
Samon Daisuke
Katase Nana
Danjo Miki
Masu Takeshi
Maekawa Susumu
Suzuki Kosuke
Shimoochiai Koichi
Yasuda Ken
Hoshino Kenji

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Comments From Users (1)
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1. Comments by gaijinmark [Rating: 8/10]
Expecting this to be the same as the original "Shomuni" would be a mistake. Except for Esumi it's a whole new cast. It was better than I thought it would be, it definitely had it's moments.
2. Comments by junker66 [Rating: 4/10]
3. Comments by jessiesoon [Rating: 7/10]
4. Comments by rikastar [Rating: 6/10]
5. Comments by zhirong [Rating: 8/10]
6. Comments by Doramako [Rating: ?/10]
7. Comments by hoihai [Rating: 5/10]
8. Comments by Michiko3 [Rating: 10/10]
9. Comments by sadacori [Rating: ?/10]
10. Comments by EstherM [Rating: 6/10]
11. Comments by setiawan_arif [Rating: ?/10]
12. Comments by pash [Rating: 8/10]