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Dr. Rintaro [Dr.—Ο‘Ύ˜Y]

Drama Details
Title:Dr. Rintaro
Telecast:2015-04-15 to 2015-06-17
Season:Spring 2015

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:10 Episodes


His name is Hino Rintaro. He listens closely to the aching hearts of people and relieves them of their pain. He is published and makes television appearances. The number of people waiting to receive his consultation continues to grow. Despite his achievements, Dr. Rintaro falls short in one department: love. He even dismisses it by saying gFalling in love is just like a passing mental illness.h One day, during a meal with the president of the university, Rintaro meets a woman. Her name is Yumeno, a highly sought-after geisha in Shimbashi. Little did Rintaro know that this encounter would drastically change his life.

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Actor/Actress Cast (18)
Sakai Masato
Hino Rintarou
“ϊ–μ—Ο‘Ύ˜Y (41)
Kichise Michiko
Mizushima Yuriko
…“‡•S‡Žq (40)
Uchida Yuki
Kiryou Kaoru
‹ΛΆŒO (39)
Takanashi Rin
Kawakami Youko
μγ—tŽq (26)
Takahashi Issei
Hara Daisaku
•ŸŒ΄‘ετ (30)
Nagatsuka Keishi
Miyagawa Takahiro
‹{μ‹M”Ž (41)
Matsushige Yutaka
Hasumi Eisuke
˜@Œ©žΔ‰ξ (52)
Matobu Sei
Yabe Machiko
–ξ•”ŠXŽq (29)
Kohinata Fumiyo
Ennouji Kazuo
‰~”\Ž›ˆκ—Y (59)
Aoi Yu
–²”T (29)
Kiuchi Miyu
Nakanishi Miho
¬–² (24)
Yo Kimiko
Masuda Ikumi
‰v“cˆΙ‹v”ό (53)
Endo Kenichi
Araki Shigeto
r–؏dl (52)
Sakai Wakana
Nakahata Madoka
’†”¨‚ά‚Η‚© (35)
Ishibashi Renji
Ike Masayuki
’r³s (67)
Sumita Takashi
Takahata Atsuko
Aizawa Ruriko
‘ŠΰV‚ι‚θŽq (55)

Cast Correlation Chart
Dr. Rintaro [Dr.—Ο‘Ύ˜Y] Chart

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