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Top 100
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Drama Listing : K
Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho 3
こちら本池上署 3
Central Ikegami Police 3

This is the third in the series that depicts in a bright and passionate manner human emotions and family...
Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho 4
こちら本池上署 4
Central Ikegami Police 4
Kochira Hon Ikegami Sho-5
こちら本池上署 5
Central Ikegami Police 5
Kodoku no Gurume 2
孤独のグルメ 2
The Solitary Gourmet 2

A continuation of the drama based on the manga "Kodoku no Gourmet".
Kodoku no Gurume 3
孤独のグルメ 3
The Solitary Gourmet 3

A continuation of Inogashira Goro's adventures.
Kodoku no Gurume 4
孤独のグルメ 4
The Solitary Gourmet 4

Inokashira Goro, who is an imported goods dealer, visits various towns on business. After business meetings,...
Kodoku no Gurume 5
The Solitary Gourmet 5
Kodoku no Gurume, Kodoku no Gourmet
The Solitary Gourmet

"Kodoku no Gourmet" was originally serialized in Fusosha's "Gekkan SPA!" between 1994 and 1996. It was...
Kodoku no kake

Based on the novel by Junpei Gomikawa, the story is about a young businessman (Ito) who encounters a...
Kodoku no Utagoe

Uchiyama plays a female detective seeking a serial killer committing a string of bizarre murders. At...
Kodomo ga neta ato de
After the children have gone to bed

A light-hearted drama on the lives of three men who must live and raise their respective children in...
Kodomo Keishi

Having fallen into the trap set by the evil organisation "The Red Venus", and inhaling a peculiar gas,...
Koe Koi

Yoshioka Yuiko is in bed with a cold for one week at the same time as high school starts. She receives...
Kogane no Buta

The Board of Audit’s Special Investigations Division punishes civil servants who cheat and waste the...
Kogure Shashinkan

The Hanabishi family moves into the old building "Kogure Photo Studio." The first son. Eiichi, is a 2nd...
Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai Koi ga shitai
Love love love / Where is love?

Girls school teacher, Ryosuke Akai (Atsuro Watanabe) was abandoned by his fiance moments before their...
Koi mo ni dome nara
Koi mo 2-dome nara / Second chance for love

Two friends whose good relationship turns acrimonious as they fight over the same woman.
Koi ni Ochitara ~Boku no Seikou no Himitsu~
When I Fall in Love

Since his father passed away six years ago, Shimao Suzuki has taken over the family business, working...
Koi no bakansu
Love vacance / In love and loving it / Love on hold / An irony of fate

Work, romance, and life take on a strange twist when a chance meeting at a bar between company salaryman...
Koi no Chikara
Power of Love / Strength of Love

Those in their 20's have big dreams and aspirations for both work and love. Then as they begin to get...