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Drama Listing : S
S - Saigo no Keikan
S -最後の警官-
S - The Last Policeman

The National Police Safety Rescue, or NPS, is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s special assault...
a drama starring Moriguchi Hiroko about an office lady (26 years old) who is sick and tired of her job...
Service / At your service / The housekeeper

It's been two years and Chiharu still grieves for her late fiance. Matsumoto Akiko of Good Luck stars...
Sachan usotsuite gomenne
I'm sorry I lied to you

A young doctor who joins a new hospital notices a sick girl (Yumi Adachi) in the hospital and will try...
Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi

This drama is about a 45-year-old single woman who works as a TV drama producer. Starting to feel anxious...
Saigo no Bengonin
The Last Lawyer

Moved by television shows of lawyers she saw as a child, Ryoko Ishida dreamt of nothing more than becoming...
Saigo no Chuushingura
A Survivor of Chushingura / The Last Chushingura

Chushingura is a famous story in Japan on 47 samurai in the Edo period who avenge their lord against...
Saigo no Kazoku
Last Family
Saigo no koi
A forever love / Last love / Never fall in love again

One summer night, sixth-year medical student Natsume Toru is propositioned by Shinozaki Aki. He coldly...
Saigo no Restaurant
The Last Restaurant

Oda Nobunaga (Takenaka Naoto), Sakamoto Ryoma, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc (Triendl Reina), Napoleon (Takeda...
Saigo no Yakusoku

"Saigo no Yakusoku" is described as a human suspense story involving the hijack of a major building....
Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata ~Ending Planner~

Yamashita plays the head of a funeral service shop that deals with bodies brought in by the police, including...
Saikou no kataomoi
White love story

A tale of one-sided love. Kurumi works in a travel agency; she falls in love with Kohei after an accidental...
Saikou no koibito
The best lover

About a couple..or more like step brothers and sisters who are in love with each other and must overcome...
Saikou no Rikon
The Best Divorce

Hamasaki Mitsuo is a salaryman working with a vending machine company. His career is not going smoothly,...
Saikyou no Futari ~Kyotofukei Tokubetsu Sousahan~
最強のふたり ~京都府警 特別捜査班~

Shinonome Jinpachi has returned to the Kyoto Prefectural Police’s First Investigative Division as a...
Sailor Fuku to Kikanju
Sailor Suit and Machine Gun

High school student Hoshi Izumi (Nagasawa Masami) loses her father suddenly in an accident. One day,...
Sailor Zombie

It's been two months since zombies entered the world. In one girls high school, high school girls who...

A string of mysterious deaths has occurred, leaving all of the victims with a purple butterfly-shaped...
Saisei no Machi
Reviving Our Town

Takaoka Shunma is a man who loses his job and returns to his hometown in Osaka with his wife in order...