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Drama Listing : F

Drama based on a middle age couple, who runs a tea shop, their family and friends.
Fufudo 2
夫婦道 2
The Perfect Path for Two 2

Tea-loving Takanabe Kensuke and his reliable wife, Satoko, are an ordinary couple in Saitama who operate...
Fugoh Keiji
The Millionaire Detective

Miwako, a granddaughter of a super rich millionaire becomes a detective and starts working at a male...
Fugoh Keiji 2
The Millionaire Detective 2
Fujoshi Deka

Hoshi Akiko is a police officer who is also a fujoshi, a term referring to female fans of manga and novels...
Fukaku Mogure
Dive Deep 2001

A Circle of Lives Bound Throughout Eternity Teen idol Ami Suzuki stars in this compelling drama about...
Fukidemono to Imoto

This story revolves around a young part-timer (Okada) who has a "pimple" under his nose. One day, a flower...
Fukigen na Jiin
Grumpy Gene

Yoshiko Aoi has just started her career as an "ethologist" to study animal behavior. As a dedicated...
Fukigen na Kajitsu

32-year-old housewife Mizukoshi Mayako (Kuriyama Chiaki) has been married for five years. Disgruntled...
Fukigen na katsujitsu
Forbidden fruit

Mayako, a married woman, finds her life of comfort and casual affairs thrown into disarray when she unexpectedly...
Fukui-sanchi no isansouzoku
Inheritance of Fukui Family's Property

This is a lively home comey about the Fukui's who battle over the inheritance when a father dies suddenly....
Fukuie Keibuho no Aisatsu

Based on the character from the same-titled novel by Ohkura Takahiro, the drama focuses on Assistant...
Fukuyado Honpo ~ Kyoto Love Story
福家堂本舗 ~ Kyoto Love Story

Fukuyoshi Hina (Sasaki Nozomi), Arare (Hayami Akari) and Hana (Miyani Hina) are three sisters whose family...
Full Swing

Michihiro Takabayashi worked for seven professional baseball teams as a batting coach for 30 years and...
Fuma no Kojiro

Hakuo Gakuin used to be a prestigious high school, and famous for martial arts. However, because its...
Fumo Chitai
The Waste Land

Iki Tadashi is a military leader who was captured by the Soviets during World War II. Treated as a war...
Fure Fure Jinsei
Furenaba Ochin

Housewife Kamijo Natsu wavers between being a mother and a woman. She has devoted her life to her husband...
Furikaereba yatsu ga iru
He is always there / Ice and Fire

This is a story of the two doctors who are totally opposite. Shiba is hated by everyone and Ishikawa...
Furuhata Chugakusei

Young Furuhata, a 3rd-year junior high student from Tokyo, transferred to a school in the countryside...