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Drama Listing : F
Furuhata Ninzaburo
Lieutenant Ninzaburo Furuhata

This series is a collection of true mystery stories in which the detective, Ninzaburo Furuhata, must...
Furuhata Ninzaburo 2
古畑任三郎 2
Lieutenant - Ninzaburo Furuhata 2

This series is different from the past detective stories. The Lieutenant is collection of true mystery...
Furuhata Ninzaburo 3
古畑任三郎 3
Lieutenant - Ninzaburo Furuhata 3

The continuing detective drama of Lieutenant Furuhata, a detective who dresses casually and prefers outsmarting...
Fushin no toki

Michiko Asai is a 28-year old housewife. Her husband is 38-year old Yoshio, who works at an advertisement...

The bold, magnanimous Benzo and the cool, handsome Soji work for a Hachioji courier that delivers mail...
Futagashira 2
ふたがしら 2

The cheerful, big-hearted Benzo (Matsuyama Kenichi) and cool, sharp Soji (Saotome Taichi) are two thieves...
Futago Tantei
Twin Detectives

Based on a detective series by Kaoru Hayamine. Kiyoshiro Yumemizu, who call himself a gsuper-detective"...
Two people / Wherever you are / Sister

Sachiko (issei) and Mika (Okina) are two sisters. Sachiko the older one and is a very smart and popular...
Futari no shiso gemu
Teeter totter for two / The see saw game

This light-hearted human drama focuses on a how combative working relationships can be overcome and fashioned...
Futatsu no Spica
Twin Spica

The series is set in the near future at a space academy, where a group of youngsters are training to...
Husband and Wife / The Couple's Story

After 25 years together, getting to know what your husband or wife really thinks. Taichi Yamaguchi...
Fuurin Kazan
Samurai Banners
Fuyo no Hito ~ Fujisancho no Tsuma
芙蓉の人 〜 富士山頂の妻
People of Fuyou ~ Wife of Mt. Fuji

This drama is based on a real life story. 120 years ago, a man was in charge of performing an exclusive...
Fuyu no Rinbu
A Winter Round Dance

1965. Shortly after giving birth to a baby girl in the Daimaru Family's country villa, Keiko Daimaru...
Fuyu no Sakura

"Fuyu no Sakura" is described as a pure love story with similarities to the popular Korean drama "Winter...
Fuyu no Undoukai
Fuzoroi no Ringo Tachi
Odd Apples

Nakategawa, Iwata, and Nishidera are students at a low-level university, who set up a hiking club in...
Fuzoroi no Ringo Tachi 2
ふぞろいの林檎たち 2
Odd Apples 2

As a coda to Japan's many educational dramas, Fuzoroi no Ringo Tachi features a new perspective on the...
Fuzoroi no Ringo Tachi 3
ふぞろいの林檎たち 3
Odd Apples

As a coda to Japan's many educational dramas, Fuzoroi no Ringo Tachi features a new perspective on the...