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Drama Listing : H
Hayako-sensei, Kekkon Surutte Hontou desu ka?
The Single Teacher Miss Hayako

"The Single Teacher Ms. Hayako" is the first TV drama adaption of Hayako Tastuki's comic essay series...
Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi

Kanai Yuriko is the daughter of a corporate executive and full-time housewife. Although she exceeds in...
Heart ni SHEAT

Tatsuya Ikegami (AKIRA) is a cool-headed, ambitious elite businessman with a passionate heart. Confident...
Heaven's Flower ~ The Legend of ARCANA

Set in 2060, "Heaven's Flower" combines mystery with a pure love story. Due to a botched experiment,...
Heisei meoto jawan ~ dokechi no hanamichi
Getting by

A debt-burdened noodle shop owner and his fanatically resourceful wife have almost no money for their...
Heisei Sarukani Kassenzu

A hit-and-run incident occured in Tokyo Kabukicho and the wrong man was arrested. Hamamoto Junpei, a...
Heisei Sasameyuki
The Makioka Sisters

In the spring of 1992, the Makioka family, an important family representative of Osaka Senba, passes...
Mr. Morio is a rich, divorced businessman with two children. Nana is a student. Mr. Morio offers Nana...

This drama is an adaption of the Best Selling novel ϐg (Henshin) by Higashino Keigo. Naruse Junichi...
Hensyuo / Henshuu ou
It is a drama about a manga publisher. Harada Taizo is a new manga editor (who is the leading character)...
Kohei Kuryu, played by Takuya Kimura, is a former juvenile delinquent that drops out of junior high and...
Hero 2
Kiryuu Kohei has returned to the Josai branch of the Tokyo Public Prosecutors Office, which is now headed...
Hi no ataru basho
A place in the sun

Yuhji was let out of prison. He was once an elite businessman. He starts to work in a small grilled-chicken...
Hi no Ko
The Sparks

A quiet residential area in Tokyo. Retired judge Isao Kajima and his family have a peaceful life until...
Hi wa Mata Noboru

Detective Tono Kazuyuki, of the Tokyo Metropolitan Policefs First Investigative Division, resigns to...

Struggling entertainer Tokunaga (Hayashi Kento) has an electrifying encounter with a senior entertainer...
Hidamari no Ki

It is 1855, the year following the Treaty of Peace and Amity between the United States and Japan. 26-year-old...
Hidarime Tantei EYE
Left-Eye Detective EYE

Tanaka Ainosuke, a third-year junior high school student with a strong sense of justice, underwent a...

The 35th NHK Taiga Drama is Hideyoshi.