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Drama Listing : H
Hitogata Nagashi
Flow of Silhouettes

A drama about three women in their forties who have been friends since high school but have led different...
Hitojichi no Rodokukai
The Hostages' Recital

A terrorist attack had occurred in South Africa, where six Japanese were captured as hostages. In a lengthy...

The 78th NHK Asadora is Hitomi. The series takes place in the old shitamachi area of Tokyo, and in...
Hitonatsu no Papa e
Papa for One Summer

A high school student's mother passes away leaving her alone with her grief. The girl, Marimo, discovers...
Hitonatsu no puropozu
A summer marriage proposal

This is the story of one woman finding her way back into the social scene after losing the "perfect"...
Hitonatsu no rabu leta
One summer's love letter

Chance encounters on a summer's day lead two married couples into an unexpected set of parallel affairs....
Hitori de iino
I prefer to be single

A female office worker who, while envied by her colleagues for seemingly having it all, has a brother...
Hitori gurashi
Living single / Living alone

The lives of young adults living alone is explored in this artistic drama as the heroin Miho, set on...
Hitori ni shinaide

A 33 year-old single woman...a hard struggle in a man's world to build a successful career...then stopping...
Hitori Shizuka

A big secret is intertwined with five murders that occur at different times and locations. The first...
Hitoribocchi no kimi ni
For lonely you / You're not alone

His mother having left him, nine year-old Yuudai is forced to live alone and steal from a local convenience...
Hitotsu yane no shita 1
ひとつ屋根の下 1
Under one roof 1 / Under the same roof 1

A car accident killed a couple and caused their six children to become orphans. At that time, the eldest...
Hitotsu yane no shita 2
ひとつ屋根の下 2
Under one roof 2 / Under the same roof 2

The Kashiwaki Family's life continues. Koume finally gets into an university, while Masaya decides to...
Hitoya no Toge

Takeshima Ryota (Kubota Masataka) is a new prison officer whose late father was also in the same profession....
Hitsudan Hostess

The story is based on the bestselling autobiography of 25-year-old Rie Saito, who became a number-one...

17-year-old Yatabe Mineko (Arimura Kasumi) grew up in a family of seven in a mountain village in northeastern...
Hoiku Tantei 25-ji ~ Hanasaki Shinichiro wa nemurenai!!
保育探偵25時 ~ 花咲慎一郎は眠れない!!

Shinichiro Hanasaki is a former detective with the police department, which is currently engaged in the...
Hojo Tokimune

The 40th NHK Taiga Drama is Hojo Tokimune. It tells the dramatic and turbulent life of young shikken...
Hokaben - Case Files of a Rookie Lawyer

Akari Domoto is an idealistic lawyer who wants to "rescue the weak". She joins a large law office, but...
Hokuto ~ Aru Satusjinsha no Kaishin
北斗 ~ ある殺人者の回心

20-year-old Hokuto (Nakayama Yuma) is being detained as a murderer and tells his court-appointed lawyer...