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Top 100
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Drama Listing : K
Koi mo ni dome nara
Koi mo 2-dome nara / Second chance for love

Two friends whose good relationship turns acrimonious as they fight over the same woman.
Koi ni Ochitara ~Boku no Seikou no Himitsu~
When I Fall in Love

Since his father passed away six years ago, Shimao Suzuki has taken over the family business, working...
Koi no bakansu
Love vacance / In love and loving it / Love on hold / An irony of fate

Work, romance, and life take on a strange twist when a chance meeting at a bar between company salaryman...
Koi no Chikara
Power of Love / Strength of Love

Those in their 20's have big dreams and aspirations for both work and love. Then as they begin to get...
Koi no Jikan
Koi no kamisama
Cupid's arrows

Despite a six-year relationship since college, Ibuki has not been able to discuss marriage with her boyfriend,...
Koi no katamichi kippu
Love is a one way ticket / One way ticket to love

Narumi (Esumi), a "trouble-maker", returned from Brazil after 11.5 years to inform Tatsuya (Naito), a...
Koi no kiseki
Miracle of love / Romance is a miracle

Tsukamoto Taeko (Hazuki) is an obese girl with doting parents, living happily despite her appearance....
Koi no paradise
Love in paradise

This is a story of the three sisters. The eldest has divorced. The second works as hard as men. The youngest...
Koi no tamerai
Hesitation of love

Weary of his life as a salary man, the main character of this drama decides start life over at the age...
Koi Seyo Otome
Let's Fall in Love

If half the population is male, why can't Sachiko find a man who's right for her? No one ever said love...
Koi suru Top Lady
Mayor in Love

One day, a young woman, with no real dreams or no real sense of commitment to her community suddenly...
Koi wa aserazu
Can't hurry for love

A drama starring Katori Shingo, Suzuki Anju and Oda Yuuji. The story takes some scenes from the Tom...
Koi wa Tatakai
Love is a battle / Love & Fight

"Koi wa Tatakai (Love is a battle/Love & Fight)" is a sort of Japanese version of popular American TV...
Koi wo nan nen sundemasu ka?
Are you in love?

3 star actresses, Kyoko Koizumi, Naoko Iijima, and Hitomi Kuroki, co-star in the drama for the first...
Koibito yo
My dear lover / To love you more

Just hours before two different couples (Manae & Ryotaro : Shoko & Kohei) take their vows, Manae and...
Love Letters - Men We Have Loved

Points to Watch There are as many forms of a husband and wife's love as there are husbands and wives....
KOINAKA ~Best Friends in Love

Itfs the hottest and most perfect bittersweet love story of this summer! Aoi Miura (Sota Fukushi)...
Koinu no Waltz
Waltz of Her Heart

Brought up in an orphanage, Haoto, a young blind girl, was teased and discriminated against, and the...
Koishite Akuma
The Loving Demon

Luka has yet to mature into a full-fledged vampire. His canines have yet to fully develop, which means...