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Drama Listing : K
Kimi ga kureta natsu

Tackey and Fakakyon plays the parents of a 5 year old kid dealing with cancer. Based on the story...
Kimi ga mienai
I can't understand you

This dramatic story is about Sawako, a radio diskjockey, who has a dark past and hides her real life...
Kimi ga omoi de ni Naru Mae ni
Before You Could Become a Memory...

Nao Saeki is happy with her life. She has a great job as a stylist, and also has a very sincere and loving...
Kimi ga oshietekureta koto
Things you taught me / From the heart

A young autistic woman, Mayuko, who has difficulty understanding and processing human emotions, meets...
Kimi ga uso o tsuita

Girls like rich and sophisticated boys and boys like the same. The two boys and the two girls go to a...
Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne?
Aren't You a Criminal?

Morita Sakura is a peculiar "freeter" (freelance part-timer) who dreams of becoming a mystery novel writer....
Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru!
Can't take my eyes off you

The three girls start to live together. The two boys in the next room are interested in them. They are...
Kimi no hitomi wo taihosuru!
Your eyes under arrested

This drama is a love comedy at a police station and it is different from other police dramas. Young policemen...
Kimi no tame ni dekiru koto
Anything for you / What I can do for you

Tatsuya was killed in a car accident and his spirit lives in Hikata - the one who knocked him down. Since...
Kimi no Te ga Sasayaite Iru
Your Hands are Whispering

This drama is an adaptation of the manga by Junko Karube about a deaf woman and her struggles with love,...
Kimi o omouyori kimi ni aitai
Longing to feel you

This is a serious drama in which a middle-aged man meets a young woman and falls in love. The man has...
Kimi to deatte kara
Since I met you

Seiji was deeply immersed in his rigid life as a success-driven businessman working for a major trading...
Kimi to ita mirai no tame ni ~ airu bi bakku
For the future when I was with you ~ I'll be back

A college senior who suddenly dies returns to life four years earlier, and, with full memory of his future,...
Kimi to ita natsu
One summer memories

Three young people, Irie, Sugiya and Asami, decide to share a room together one summer. All three of...
Kimi wa Petto
You're My Pet

Smart, successful and good-looking Sumire Iwaya works for a big newspaper. However she is dumped for...
Kimi wa toki no kanata e
Beyond your time

Takuya Kimura as a samurai who is trapped in the 20th century while being hunted in that same timestream...
Kimi wo Miagete

Go Morita (V6) stars as Takano (163 cm), a professional lock opener, in this NHK drama based on the book...
Kimochii koi shitai!Kin no tamago
The golden egg / Children of promise / Golden Kids

Any parent wants to give his children all the advantages they can possibly have--some parents go overboard....
Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo 3
金田一少年の事件簿 3

The Young Kindaichi is back and better than ever! In this first of many cases, Kindaichi finds himself...