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Drama Listing : K
Kinyobi ni wa Hana wo Katte
Let's Buy Flowers on Fridays

Does buying flowers after work on Friday mean you have fallen in love? Where do men go with these bouquets?...
Kinyoubi no Koibitotachi e
Friday's Lovers

Madoka is transferred to the secretarial pool when the company goes through restructuring. It's a letdown...
Kira kira hikaru
Shining brightly / A Tale of Autopsy

The job of a medical jurisprudence involves a lot of complicated crimes such as murder and accidents....
Kirakira Kenshui

Adapted from a popular blog, this drama follows the comical struggles and growth of an intern doctor,...
Kiraware Matsuko no Isshou
Unfortunate Life of Matsuko

Kirawareru Yuuki

Ando Ranko (Karina) is an unpopular detective of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Departmentfs Eighth Section....
Kisarazu Cat's Eye

Twenty-one year old former high school baseball player, Kohei, learns that he is dying from cancer. He...
Kiseki no hito
Suspicious Memory

Since his auto accident at nineteen, Katsumi has suffered from amnesia and minimal brain damage. All...
Kiseki no Hito

Kamemochi (Mineta Kazunobu) is a useless guy with no accomplishments who lives somehow or other each...
Kiseki no romance
Romance is miracle

Hidekazu Akai went to attend his baby sister's wedding in Tokyo. Later he found out that his sister has...
Kisu yori kantan
Easier than a kiss

Mahko, Tohko, Riiko and Fuuko are sisters but they have different fathers and their mother also died....
Kita no Kuni Kara

Set in the town of Furano in Hokkaido, Kita no Kuni Kara centers around the story of the Kuroita family. Narrated...
Kita no kuni kara himitsu '98 Jidai
A secret from north area / From northern country

Hokkaido, northernmost of the Japanese islands, is still full of wilderness. Goro comes to this wild...
Kiyoko Ranman

After their victory in the First Sino-Japan war, the whole of Japan is celebrating. Against this backdrop,...
Kizoku Tantei
Noble Detective

A young man (Aiba Masaki) whose age, family, education, place of residence and even real name are unknown,...
Kizu darake no onna
A woman with many wounds / Bodyguard

Reiko Takashima acts a woman bodyguard named Kyoko. The story is about a woman who turned to being a...
Kizudarake no Love Song
Tainted Love Song

Yoshimura has a younger half-sister Yuka Kawahara (Ai Katoh). Six months ago Yuka's mother passed away,...
Kobayakawa Nobuki no Koi
Doctor in Love

Doctor Nobuki Kobayakawa is fed up with his relationship with colleagues at the hospital, as well as...

Set in a neighborhood police station in Tokyo, this drama is based on the anime of the same name. The...
Kochira Dai San Shakaibu
Local News, Section 3

Jiro, having made a name for himself as a tough-as-nails frontline reporter, is transferred back to Tokyo...