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Drama Listing : O
Otoko girai
Averse to men

This drama centers around three sisters with modern ambitions and dreams, and equally modern struggles...
Otoko Meshi
侠飯 ~ おとこめし

University student Wakamizu Ryota goes to an interview at the publishing company of his dreams, but is...
Otoko ni tsuite
About men

A sad and painful chapter opens for the heroine of this drama when her boyfriend takes off with her father's...
Otoko no ibasho
A man's place

A letter of appointment has sealed the fate of the central character, who had trained as a salesman but...
Otoko no Kosodate

The show is described as a home comedy depicting the problems faced by a modern family. Takahashi plays...

This is a story about two young samurai who set out to fight against evil. Todo Itsuma and Takeda Shinsaburo,...
Otokomae! 2
オトコマエ! 2

The story about two young samurai who set out to fight against evil continues.
Otome no Punch

Saotome Hikaru, 24, a professional female boxer, has nothing special about herself, except for her 182cm...

"Otome-san" is a term for mother-in-law, while "Kowai", which means "scary" in Japanese, stands for the...

On the outside, kendo fighter Masamune Asuka is a popular high school student and embodies the "cool"...
Otona Joshi
Lady Girls

"Lady Girls" is a poignant romantic comedy that portrays the lives of three single, professional women...
Otona no Natsu Yasumi
Summer At The Beach House / Adult Summer Vacation

34-year-old Miyuki is a traditional Japanese housewife, with her g salarymanh husband and a son. Although...
Otona no otoko
Middle-aged bachelors / Three grown men

Three close friends realize, at the age of 40, that maybe it's time to think seriously about getting...
Otona no sentaku
The choice of a grownup

The energetic heroine of this drama is constantly seeking happiness and just can't wait for it to arrive....
Otosan wa shinpaishoOtousan
Father/Life with Dad

Tamura Masakazu plays the single father of four daughters (Iijima Naoko, Nakatani Miki, Hirosue Ryoko...
Otousan to Yobasete
Let Me Call You Father-in-law

Tamotsu Daidoji is a 51-year-old single man who works as a department manager at a mid-size trading company....

Set somewhere around 1900s, this is an adaptation of a novel by Koda Aya, based on her life. It follows...

Otto no Kanojo

Komatsubara Hishiko suspects her husband, Mugitaro, to be having an affair with one of his young staff...