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Drama Listing : R

Japan and Koreafs biggest names star in this big-scale drama. Yutaka Takenouchi portrays Sho Nishijima,...
Ring: Saishusho
リング 最終章
The Ring

Four high school students died of heart attack mysteriously. A reporter from Central Newspaper, Asakawa,...
Rinjin wa hisoki warau
The chuckles of neighbours / The neighbours are secretly laughing / Illegal Love

This is a love story / psycho thriller starring Motoki Masahiro, Mizuno Maki, Kanda Uno. The story starts...

Kuraishi Yoshio is a coroner known for his keen powers of observation and his thorough investigations....
Rinjo 2
臨場 2

Uchino is reprising his role as Yoshio Kuraishi, a police coroner with extraordinary perception and a...
Rinshou Hanzai Gakusha Himura Hideo no Suiri
臨床犯罪学者 火村英生の推理
Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa

Criminologist Hideo Himura gets so much pleasure out of being in crime scenes that hefs even confessed...
Risky game
This psychological drama focuses on three womena fashion designer, a writer for a weekly magazine, and...
Risou no joushi
The perfect boss / The ideal boss

The setting of this romantic comedy is a travel agency in Japan, to which Tokio has returned from an...
Risou no kekkon
An ideal marriage / Wedding story

Although a couple may enter into a marriage expecting love to conquer all, the reality rarely meets this...
Risou no Musuko

The story revolves around a beautiful single mother named Umi who has worked hard to raise her son, Daichi,...
Risuku no Kamisama
The God of Risk

gthe God of riskh is a sensational social entertainment drama that revolves around Satoshi Saigyouji...
River's Edge Ookawabata Tanteisha
リバースエッジ 大川端探偵社
River Edge Okawabata Detective

Set in Asakusa, along the Sumida river amongst all the multi-tenanted residential and commercial buildings,...
Road to Eden
A world war breaks out on a planet over a newly discovered substance called oreikhalkos which can produce...
Rocket boy

The main character, Kobayashi (Yuji Oda), works at a travel agency, and has the preconceived notion that...
Rokudenashi BLUES

The series is based on the popular manga gRokudenashi Bluesh by Morita Masanori. is It is a story...
Mizuki (Rie Miyazawa) is a girl dreaming ofbecoming a journalist. While she is talking with Shigeru...
ROMES ~ Kuko Bogyo System
ROMES ~ Airport Security System

Recently built on an artificial island, the (fictional) Tokyo Bay International Airport is equipped with...
rongu - uedeingu roudo!
Long Wedding Road!

Ryoko Hirosue and Masaru Nagai play a mismatched couple. Hirosue is a blue-collar truck driver from Osaka,...
The only thing the rookie detective has going for him is the fact that he is a nice guy. Makoto Aida...

Koichi Kawato is the new Japanese Literature teacher at the ill-famed Futakotamagawa high school, whose...