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Drama Listing : T
Trick 2

Trick 2 continues to explore the world of illusion and as a result, Yamada Naoko and Ueda Jiro continue...
Trick 3

A unique duo of a beautiful female magician and a strange physician are back! After two successful TV...
Triple Kitchen

One day sudden trouble befalls one man. That trouble snowballs into bigger troubles, one by one, pulling...
Tsubaki Bunguten ~ Kamakura Daishoya Monogatari
ツバキ文具店 ~ 鎌倉代書屋物語

Hatoko returns to her hometown in Kamakura for the first time in 8 years and inherits her late grandmother's...

The 80th NHK Asadora is Tsubasa, a story about a 20-year-old girl who dedicates her life to helping her...
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 1
Angels With Broken Wings

Episode 1 - Celeb Komine Nanako is working in a courier during the day, but at night she sells her body...
Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi 2
Angels With Broken Wings

Episode 1 - Impulse Yoshimura Yuri works on the night shift at a convenience store. Depressed, she has...
Tsubasa wo kudasai!
Please give me your wings!

Kawabe Toko (Uchida) is a girl with some problems. Aband-oned by her parents when she was born, Toko...
Tsugumi e...
Dear Tsugumi / Kidnap

Yumi (played by Mayu Tsuruta) and Takashi (Toru Nakamura) have finally purchased their dream house and...
Shopping Hero

Diligent, mild-mannered Makoto works in the complaints department of Paradise Corporation, a fast-growing...
Tsui no Sumika

Tomoko is a rookie reporter, and she wants to do a story on the successive deaths of elderly people receiving...
Tsukahara Bokuden

Tsukahara Bokuden is a legendary swordsman who traveled throughout Japan and won many battles during...
Tsuki ni Iku Fune
Tsuki no kagayaku yoru dakara
Bright half moon in the night

A story about two sisters in love with a man who is a Yakuza member. Also, shows what happens when the...
Tsuki no Koibito
Moon Lovers

Hazuki Rensuke, the President of Regolith, is determined to increase his company's market share in the...
Tsuma no Sotsugyoushiki
Tsuma wa, Kunoichi ~Saishusho~

It is the late Edo period. Futaboshi Hikoma, the Hirado domain's astronomer, is a rather eccentric person...
Tsuma-tachi no Kagai Jugyo
Wife's many lessons

This is about how parents treat their children during their entrance exams, the stress kids go through...
Tsumatachi no Shinkansen
Bullet Train of Wives

This is a story of family ties that support a man's dream of "chou tokkyu".