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Yonekura Ryoko •Ä‘q—ÁŽq ( Ryoko Yonekura )

NameYonekura Ryoko
Star SignLeo
Birthday01 August 1975
Blood TypeO

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Yonekura Ryoko

The stunningly beautiful Yonekura Ryoko has proved that she is more than just a pretty face with convincing roles in Musashi, Gun Crazy, and Seikei Bijin. She h...

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Filmography (31)
Doctor-X 4 ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko
Doctor-X 4 ~ ŠO‰ÈˆãE‘å–å–¢’mŽq
Daimon Michiko
‘å–å–¢’mŽq (40)
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Sawada Isako (36)
Out Burn
Doctor-X 2 ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko
ƒhƒNƒ^[X 2 ~ ŠO‰ÈˆãE‘å–å–¢’mŽq
Daimon Michiko
‘å–å–¢’mŽq (37)
35-sai no Koukousei
Baba Ayako
Doctor-X ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko
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Takamura Itsuki (32)
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¬‘ò–¯Žq (30)
Onna no Ichidaiki
Sugimura Haruko (3rd Night)
Haru to Natsu/Haru e Natsu
Nyokei Kazoku
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•l“c •¶”T (29)
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Œ´ŒûŒ³Žq (29)
Okusama wa Majo
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Koi no kamisama

Users who voted for this artiste (66)
1. bmwracer
She's absolutely perfect in the role of Otsu in "Musashi": innocent, vulnerable, and beautiful. And Ryoko-chan shows that she can do it all in "Seikei Bijin": she's funny, sexy, sad, and totally adorable. And she can sing too! I absolutely love her!
2. Fight-oh
Ryoko is a great beautiful and a multi talented actress.. She is very smart knowing Japanese, Korean and the English Language... maybe i can meet her someday and we can talk in english lol... well she is #7 on my list of favorites
3. Psychotic Bastard
I can only describe her in two words:

Beautiful. Talented.

That pretty much says everything. Her portrayal of Otsu in Musashi has greatly impressed me in so many ways. I hope she continues to do roles similar to that.
4. PapaDeshio
dUNNO why????
I like to watch her act.
She looks great in LOVE REVOLUTION physically and mentally...
Otherwise, I love her long healthy hair as well.
No wonder why she got a reward b'coz of it.
5. Taira-Panku
Ryoko Yonekura! She is truly an amazing actress she can do comedy to dramatic! I love her style! Every dorama she does is stylish! She kinda remindes me of a Japanese Mary Tyler Moore of today!
6. ahochaude
Very good actress. She has that "star-power" and charisma that's going to keep her around for a long time. And the fact that she's so hot doesn't hurt all that much either.
7. tsuyoshi7nhwi
She's beautiful, but can also be a bit of a goofball, which makes her more real. Plus, she's a great actress! Check out "Seikei Bijin," "Musashi" and "Pretty Girls."
8. K.T.Tran
She makes the best funny face i've ever seen, I love it. She can definately act. Definately watch her in Seikei Bijin, good times. She also kicks ass in Gun Crazy :D
9. __embryoBxTCH
I haven't seen any of her dramas yet but she's an absolutely GORGEOUS model. Simply divine in my book. Hopefully I'll see a drama with Ryoko in it soon. ^_^;;
10. meruchan
Has taken over where Tomoko Yamaguchi left off as a beautiful woman who is also a terrific actress. See her in Seikei Bijin & you'll agree--WOW!
11. Betsy Hayashi
She's a really talented actress. She did a great job playin' the fragile and sad Otsu in "Musashi" and the goofy Honami in "Seikei Bijin".
12. Eve
After all the time Ive spent at her Mega Gallery how can I not worship/vote at her shrine?
To offer anything less just shames oneself.
13. Goldenoozaru
I fell in love with this actress after seeing Fushin no Toki. She is very pretty and has a great voice for acting. Great actress.
14. IniQx
started noticing her since Seikei Bijin. very versatile actress. love her performance in Okusama Wa Majo & Hikon Kazoku
15. akitsu
Her acting is pretty good. I grew to like her in Love revolution, Haru to Natsu, Warui Yatsura or Katagoshi no Koibito...
16. Szabotage
She's been good in every drama that I've seen her in. Great with comedy, especially. And so pretty! (I'm jealous!)
17. aegeantales
love her love her. love her always playing strong, independent, modern women. cute face, sexy body, awesome acting!!!
18. FierceStriker
She is charismatic, good-looking, with excellent acting skills. Loved her in Seikin Bijin and Love Revolution.
19. hakaida
She is very YUMMY! Don't see these kind of Japanese women in Hawaii to often. When's the next plane to Japan?
20. qilver
according to bmwracer, Ryoko is beautiful, i fully agree. Saw her in Seikei Bijin, she is fantastic!!
21. barooboodoo
saw gun crazy, her acting easily matches her AMAZING kawaii factor so i must continue the vote!
22. aaron-yume
Very adorable. Especially love her work in Sekei Bijin, Okusama wa Majo and Fushin no toki.
23. Guam Viewer
Not just a pretty face. Versatile acting skill with ability to perfom in a jidai drama.
24. awrittensin
Ahhh, Ryoko-chan!! So hot. Sooo hot. And such a talented actress. She's the best!
25. monta
love herrr!!! so pretty, hot etc. she was perfect as a "mama" in Kurokawa no Techou
26. ASZSephiroth
Cause she's beautiful and very skilled at acting.
I love her in Musashi!!!!!
27. shari
She is rumored to have drawn her eyebrows during a seismic event.
28. kitakaze
Great, beautiful actress. First saw her in Hatachi no Kekkon.
29. ruisu
"TA DAI MA" ~ Love Revolution...best line in the series haha
30. NaomiMaeda
HUNTER was enough to show how talented and beautiful she is.

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