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Kyohansha [‹¤”ÆŽÒ]


Drama Details
Telecast:2003-10-15 to 2003-12-17
Season:Fall 2003

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TV Station:NTV
Duration:10 Episodes

For the past 15 years, Misaki Fuyukawa has lived a quiet, reclusive life while keeping her secret well-hidden. With just two months left before the statute of limitations on the murder of her colleague expires, a mysterious man appears in Misakifs life, who says, gI know your secret.h Is he a friend or foe? The nameless man who claims to know about Misakifs past does not reveal any personal information about himself, but only says he wants to live with her in exchange for keeping her secret. Hence, a bizarre living arrangement begins. Who is this man and what is his purpose? Meanwhile, conventional detective Kiba is convinced that Misaki is the elusive criminal behind the 15-year old murder case and is determined to uncover evidence to prove his theory. As this peculiar love-suspense drama unfolds, you will need to piece together information to solve the mysterious puzzle of murder while the clock counts down to the expiration deadline.

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Soundtrack and Theme Songs (2)
1. High Crime [ìŒû‘å•ã]
2. àæà߂̌Ž [Skoop On Somebody]

Actor/Actress Cast (21)
Asano Atsuko
Mikami Hiroshi
Ikeuchi Hiroyuki
Okina Megumi
Arisaka Kurume
Ono Mayumi
Matsuo Reiko
Hashino Emi
Kagami Miyuki
Sato Jiro
Sato Tamao
Kawabata Ryuta
Ukaji Takashi
Kurita Yoko
Matsushige Yutaka
Kurobe Susumu
Fukikoshi Mitsuru
Nakayama Shinobu
Sano Shiro
Ishibashi Renji

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Comments From Users (2)
This section may contain spoilers! Do not proceed if you
do not want to read about this drama's endings and plots!

1. Comments by ct_subang [Rating: 6/10]
i never liked mystery-dramas..was kinda slow at the beginning..
2. Comments by loveaomori [Rating: 9/10]
strange ending but I do like Mikami's acting.
3. Comments by yejiny [Rating: 7/10]
4. Comments by Bsalez [Rating: ?/10]
5. Comments by Yasuko [Rating: 8/10]
6. Comments by reli [Rating: 5/10]
7. Comments by lynn [Rating: 7/10]
8. Comments by kpeebles [Rating: ?/10]
9. Comments by qiqi_16 [Rating: ?/10]
10. Comments by Michi [Rating: ?/10]
11. Comments by emiko [Rating: ?/10]
12. Comments by Japanesedoramadvd [Rating: ?/10]
13. Comments by maui [Rating: ?/10]
14. Comments by jade_frost [Rating: ?/10]
15. Comments by teng_chelsea [Rating: ?/10]
16. Comments by azarname [Rating: ?/10]
17. Comments by neiyumiko [Rating: ?/10]
18. Comments by Doramako [Rating: ?/10]