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Miyake Ken 三宅健 ( Ken Miyake )

NameMiyake Ken
JPop GroupV6
Star SignCancer
Birthday02 July 1979
Blood TypeO

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Miyake Ken

This photogenic member of V6 known to have a unique high pitch voice is also recognized to be an established actor. Challenging himself in many different roles ...

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Filmography (13)
Hottokenai Majotachi [2014]
Kondo Mamoru
Marusa!! [2003]
Tominaga Mitsuru
富永 満   (24)
Watashi no Aozora 2002 [2002]
Akarui Hou e Akarui Hou e [2001]
明るいほうへ 明るいほうへ
Ueyama Masasuke
上山 正祐
Never Land [2001]
Yoda Mitsuhiro
Watashi no Aozora [2000]
Shin oretachi no tabi (ver.1999) [1999]
Pu-Pu-Pu jump [1998]
Meitantei hokenshitsu no obasan [1997]
Ginrou kaiki file [1996]
Chef [1995]
Kindaichi shonen no jikenbo 1 [1995]
金田一少年の事件簿 1
Ningen shikkaku [1994]

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Miyake Ken Pictures

Users who voted for this artiste (12)
1. eugenia
MIYAKE!!! I luv him the most. Even though people might say he look like a child or too mummy boy i don't think so. He's specially different from all the other guys in this world to me. Ken is great in his acting especially in Neverland, and he had grew a lot throughout this few years. Miya will always be inside my heart and ganbatte miyake san!!!
2. kUsAnOzAQT
He is my favorite artist since he has the cutest face, and even though he seems really spoiled, he has a great personality.
3. momoko_ichigo
omg his just so cute
his voice is soooo kawaii
buh i like his old hair style before and when it was spikes a bit =/
4. kamisen_fanatic
boyish as he is, u might be really surprised at how he fits into his role in neverland...he literally "grew up".
5. superFLY
He's cute! ^^ But I'll love his acting skills as well as singing. He's little doggies Blue and J are so cute.
6. leoninesevenone
kawaii. i like his voice! its just so kawaii!!
7. hizel~
he's just so kawaii and he can act too
8. aki_chiyo
so kawaii!!
9. kaotsun
oh well,^^
10. Hirari Chan
11. Jewel
12. arlena-chan