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Drama Listing : P
P.A. (private actress)
P.A. (private actress) / Stand in

A high school girl has the rather unconventional part-time job of being hired out as an "actress" to...
P.S. Genki desu, Shunpei
P.S. I'm fine Shunpei

Even though he failed his entrance examination, Shumpei scouts out the entrance ceremony of Waseda University...
P.S. [Police Station] -Rashoumon- Keishichou Toutosho
Police Station Rashoumon ~Tokyo police headquarters~
Pan to Soup to Nekobiyori
Bread and Soup and Cat Weather

This drama is based on a novel by Mure Yoko of the same name. Akiko is left in care of her mother's...

Suzuki Hideki is a university doctor who develops a cure for cancer after 18 years of rigorous research....
Pandora 2: Kiga Retto
パンドラII 飢餓列島
Pandora 2
Panic In

Kurumada Torao is an unappealing middle-aged bachelor. One day, he is laid off by the construction company...
Papa kakkotsukanaize
Daddy! Be good

Tatsuo is an action star and has a son but his wife has left him. Tatsuo and his son try to manage to...
Papa survival
Daddy survival

If the pressures of the office don't get them, the challenges of raising their children as single fathers...
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan
Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter

This home comedy tells the story of Kyoichiro (Tachi Hiroshi) and his teenage daughter Koume (Aragaki...
Papa wa nenjuu kurou suru
Daddy is always in trouble

A playboy composer is faced with an abrupt change in lifestyle when his former wife takes off for overseas...
Papa wa newscaster
Daddy the newscaster

He didn't even like children, yet without warning, the handsome, single newscaster finds himself playing...
My Daddy is an Idol!

This drama takes a whole new approach by making stars act under their real name and collaborating with...

20-year-old Akama Anri is an ordinary university student. One day, she gets kicked out of the house by...
Peach na Kankei
Peachy !

For young chef, Kitahama has no regrets about the single life. He's happy to concentrate on his culinary...
Perfect love
(not so) Perfect love

Masaharu Fukuyama will play the part of the the playboy dentist, while Tetsuya Takeda plays father of...
Perfect Report

Aoyama Kana is a top-class TV reporter who possesses both brains and beauty. However, she is also known...
Peter no Soretsu
Funeral Procession of Peter, Peter's Funeral Parade

Sugimura Saburo is an ordinary salaryman married to Nahoko, the daughter of the chairman of Imada business...
Three years ago, Narumi Hikaru and Suga Mizuho were in love and would meet in secret for several months...
Piece Vote ~Tohyo no Kakera~
Piece Vote ~投票のカケラ~