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Hamasaki Ayumi 浜崎あゆみ ( Ayumi Hamasaki )

NameHamasaki Ayumi
Star SignLibra
Birthday02 October 1978
Blood TypeA
B/W/H80 / 53 / 82

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Filmography (2)
Yami no purple eye [1996]
Miseinen [1995]
田畑 瞳

Artiste Links (2)
Fly 2 Ayu....=)

Ayumi Hamasaki Ring

Users who voted for this artiste (46)
1. drksin
I love all Ayumi Hamasaki's songs and i believe that no matter what people think of her i will always love her. She sings with such passion and...phew its just beyond being able to put into words. She is so beautiful just like her songs and i hope she will continue to rise.


Ayumi Hamasaki will you marry me?
2. N*A*Z*U*N*A
Like most others i have never watched her dramas. She is the queen of JPOP and the greatest in the world. I admire her like an older sister. My fav song: none cuz they are all the best in the world! I LUV U AYU!!!!
3. Warrior
I love her songs and she is one of my favorite jpop singers, although she is only playing in 2 jdramas when she was still young I will still vote for her!!!!!!!!
4. awrittensin
Okay, so I haven't seen any of the dramas that she's been in .... but can anyone argue that Ayu is the Queen? She rules my world, that's for sure.
My fave j-pop artist ever. She has a very good talent at writing all the lyrics of her song and also has a very unique voice.
6. nachi22
i like her and her songs...
especially VOYAGE!!!
she is so cute!!!
i hope someday well meet in person...
7. Ayu_Kenshin
YAY! First vote and I vote for the greatest singer in the world IMO that is... anyways, I just love her so much. Go Ayu!
8. Gosik
She was the 1st Japanese singer I've ever heard and got me into J-music. I like her voice and clips.
9. Jiro takahara
she is beautiful she is talented...she is good singer....what else is there to say!
10. Raining JHan
she is beautiful she is talented...she is good singer....what else is there to say!
11. Samuel
She is really a good singer... I like her song and voice of course.. ^.^
12. kurokage
just love her songs! she also has talents writing such beautiful lyric..
13. Liindaa
i like her song very much...
she's very pretty
Gambate.... Ayu...
14. lalalove
been a fan from the start. good singer and always so fashionable
15. chunli
oh i love her songs! but i havent watch any of her doramas yet
16. Miyu_Kaya
I like her trans... but her normal song are good too.
17. azureus
never see her on dramas, but i like her songs anyway
18. uKari
i really love her power.............hahahaha
19. mista_t
didn't know she acted, great singer though
20. A*Y*U*M*I
Just love her songs! A very good singer
21. John Cena
i love her songs and i love ayu-chan!!!
22. Aiba-Masaki
love her songs and I love her tooh =)
23. jet black devotion
Didn't know she was in any dramas!
24. chiLe6irL
Fashionable, trendy and so sweet
25. fuqinlan
one of my most favoutite!!!!
26. kisa7
i like cos of tomoya!!
27. monta
my fave jpop singer !
28. brazzy
She's so lovely...
29. -=momohachi=-
love her!
30. morical
God :)

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