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Ichikawa Shinnosuke 市川新之助 ( Shinnosuke Ichikawa )

NameIchikawa Shinnosuke
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday06 December 1977

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Filmography (3)
Yowakutemo Katemasu [2014]
Yachida Kentaro
MR. BRAIN [2009]
Takei Kohei (ep. 1, 7-8)
Musashi [2003]
Miyamoto Musashi

Users who voted for this artiste (12)
1. kaori-san
i discovered this talented actor in Musashi ! he has a unique way of playing and with such an intensity ( i recently knew that he is a kabuki actor )! he shows very well the deep feelings of the character he performs... Because of him i really wanted to see this drama from the beginning to the end , and i spent a good moment. I want to see him in more movies after this drama .
2. minochi99
An acting tour de force. His portrayal of Musashi is one of the most memorable to date. Carried the epic like no other one can. Very intense face that would make him a natural in other dramatic roles. Would like to see more of his performances if he can get away from the Kabuki scene.
3. Psychotic Bastard
Holy shit..this guy's just amazing. Both as a kabuki performer and an on-screen actor. He puts so much emotion into his characters and that's what I like about his acting skills.
4. Betsy Hayashi
He's one of most talented actors I've ever seen my whole life. God, he's so intense and passional. I love him !!!!!
5. kitty_furansu-jin
I saw him in Paris for a Kabuki play, and he was totaly amazing ! a very good actor indeed....
6. snow_san
His expressions say it all. It's no surprise he's a kabuki actor. He is TSUYOI!
7. wintersweet
Absolutely amazing...hope we can see him in something else soon.
8. anasstassia
9. kiyometa mizu
10. Mask Maker
11. malo_st
12. etoile