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Inoue Mao 井上真央 ( Mao Inoue )

NameInoue Mao
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday09 January 1987
B/W/H79 / 59 / 80

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Inoue Mao

With beauty and talent, Inoue Mao has left a lasting impression on her fans. Because of her charismatic acting in Hana Yori Dango and First Kiss, she received t...

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Filmography (13)
Hana Moyu [2015]
Sugi Fumi
Tokkan Tokubetsu Kokuzei Choushukan [2012]
トッカン 特別国税徴収官
Suzumiya Miki
Ohisama [2011]
Yoko Sudo
Juui Dolittle [2010]
Tajima Asuka
Karei naru Spy [2009]
Yoshizawa Ami (ep. 1)
Anmitsu Hime: Special 2 [2009]
Anmitsu Hime/Tokoroten
Anmitsu Hime: Special 1 [2008]
Anmitsu Hime/Tokoroten
Hanaikusa [2007]
Iwasaki Mineko
First Kiss [2007]
Fukunaga Mio
Hana Yori Dango Season 2 [2007]
Makino Tsukushi
Hotaru no haka [2005]
Hana Yori Dango [2005]
Makino Tsukushi
牧野 つくし (16)
Home Drama [2004]
長峰翔子 (17)

Users who voted for this artiste (259)
1. ohikaenasutte
What can I say I'm in love with her! She naturally cute, and pretty. Also funny & bubbly in HYD2's TokyoFP2 SP show. Her natural talent in acting start earlier as 5 y.o and recognized as talented child actress in Kids War (1999) when she still 12! HYD series her breakthrough which she deserved. She's also great in First Kiss although the dorama just average for me. Looking forward to more drama from her, especially the one with MatsuJun becoz of their chemistry together on & off screen.;P
2. jm_im
Well, I can say.. Mao Inoue is a very great actress..

I really really really really really like the way you give facial expression..

In every episode you make in Handan.. At first, I want Sanjou Sakurako to be Domyouji's partner..

But I was wrong, cause everytime I watch you, I always tell myself, she's the right one..

You are pretty after all.. Very gorgeous..

I hope someday, to see and meet you..

And with somebody named Matsumoto Jun.. m_ _m
3. dheng19
very cute, unique, funny! I LOOOVVVEEE her! I hope I can go to Japan and see her in person. I think she's perfect for the role of Makino Tsukushi, ne? I love her facial expressions in HYD 1 and 2. She is like a living anime' because of her expressions! Her tomboy role is refreshingly funny. It was not surprising that she won Best Actress Award. She was superb! ^____^ YAY! I want to meet her! Ganbare, mao-chan!
4. epicduelgirl
I absolutely love her as Makino Tsukushi from Hana Yori Dango. I think she was the perfect casting for this role. She was exactly how I imagined this character! I'm so glad they made a HYD live action... its so cool to see your favorite manga/anime come to life... okay yes there was Meteor Garden, but I really wanted to see a Japanese production of HYD...
5. JuLy
u dit it at Hanadan 1 & 2, greaT job!!
u've proved that without great looking celeb face (sorry to say this, but u're cute enough i think), u've bring the role very well, u can deliver the emotion...the mimic...the chemistry... I think Hanadan cant be so success like this without ur role as Makino Tsukushi!! ganbate!! \(^o^)/
6. shanghai_honey
Inoue Mao and Ueno Juri are my two most favorite young actresses. Mao chan is not only kawaii, she's also spunky, funny and a good actress. It's always a pleasure to watch her onscreen and her Makino Tsukoshi was perfect. She stole the show from Matsujun, hahaha! Love this girl, her future looks very bright indeed.
7. kchibi
only knew her from HyD (i guess she's new?) yeh i assume so coz of her age...this girl has talent!! i reckon she performed the role of Makino Tsukushi really well, just like the one in the manga~ (altho i think she is prettier hehe:P) would really love to see more of her and her improvements! ^^
8. sHa[D]oW
she is way too overlooked. i'm surprised she only has this few votes. come on people, she was amazing in Hana Yori Dango. Every aspect of her acting hooked me from the very beginning. She is very cute. Definitly gets my vote! I hope to see her in future dramas.
9. Jani
One of the best young actresses in jdramas. Loved her in Hana Yori Dango and First Kiss. There is a maturity in her that her roles rarely use. Put her in meatier roles and she would not disappoint. Hopefully time will make her transcend her teeny bopper roles.
10. Nobita-kun
The most adorable actress out there. I love her animated facial expressions and the way she speaks. Very natural acting abilities. She has a great future ahead of her. I just hope she won't be typcasted as the tough, strong-willed girl.
11. Quicksilver
for me, she's the perfect actress to play Tsukushi Makino in Hana Yori Dango. Her acting is just perfect for the role. She's so cute too. ^_^ I wonder if she ever dated either Matsujun or Oguri Shun in real life.. hehehehe. ^_^
12. Di@na
Mao-chan's lovely and natural way makes her very sympathique..a very good actress with alot of power. She proves that a japanese actress do not only need to look cute but also actually be a good actress. ^^
13. xiong_here
Yuck that's an ugly picture of her here on JDORAMA! Get rid of it! She's uber cute and...man...I might be lolicon because of her! NOOO! Damn her!! Anyways, shes pretty good for her first time as a lead.
14. MixxDreamer
my new vote and new favorite actress, shes so adorable in HYD and she makes me laugh with her facial expressions hahah she reminds me of this good actress in the philippines, though shes better.
15. Antique Pop
Impressive performance in Hana Yori Dango. She suited the role pretty well and plus, she's very cute! I will have to see her in other dramas in the future, but even as of now, I really like her.
16. xhidex33
She's not new, but she's getting popular!! Saw her from "Kids War" when she was like, 12... such a cool character. Home Drama: Good job, though it wasn't a BIG role. HYD: hahahaha shes awesome.
17. acupracacia
she's one of my favorite japanese artists!! I love her in HYD!! CUTE is the best word to describe her. She has this smile that can immediately brighten up ones day! I love her!! MatsuJun<3Mao!!
18. mrsmilevskyi2001
she was impressive in HYD/HYD2... currently watching first kiss i could see that she's more than a pretty face... she can act in diverse roles.. so yay i'm voting for her!! ganbatte mao-chan!!!
19. k2_the_aoru
i saw her in HYD for the first time and she was really good! she's not the prettiest of all, but she's really cute and is a good actress! i hope she stars in more doramas!
20. darkheart17
...she's beautiful, cute.... nice and good actress in hana yori dango 2...... funny and cool...... hope 2 watch more of her movies..... i want her roles in hana yori dango... hehehe....
21. jdoramadotcom
She makes HND click; without her, it wouldn't be half as funny or over the top. For her to carry a show against her competition - absolutely amazing. She's often laugh-out-loud funny.
22. aznkether
The best fit for Makino Tsukuchi in Hana Yori Dango. Played the part perfectly. She was cute, spunky, and had all the right emotions at the right times. She has my vote.
23. ken2006
Awesome acting! The first drama I ever watched was Hana Yori Dango and she simply acted splendidly. "She's cute when she is angry." Hope she plays in more leading roles!
24. oline
She's so kawaii totally loved her in Hanadan...
I was indeared to her by her funny reactions to everything that doesnt appeal to her .....
She's just sooo adorable!!!!
25. xEternal
She has this natural beauty to her, and she's a pretty good actor. Loved her in Hana Yori Dango; I would think all those crying scenes would be sort of hard to do lol.
26. lightningemperor
She was great in HYD and I'd like to see more of her. Also, this pic doesn't do her justice at ALL. It needs to be changed. *update* Thank you for changing her pic.
27. baybeehxsleepi
watched in a few dramas and just finish one of he rmovie, "i give my first love to you" very nice movie, she's a great actress and i love her bubbly personality
28. zi91
Good actress! Expresses the best attitude and way Makino's behaviour in Hana Yori Dango. A good job is done!! Hope to see her more in other dramas as the lead!
29. IchibanB
I fell in love with her in Hanna Yori Dango. She is sooo adorable, and has the greatest facial expressions. I just love the character she played in that show.
30. shinkumi_sawada
i 1st saw her in kids war, she was like 13 or 12. but when I saw her in HYD, she is deserving to win the best actress role in the 47th Drama Academy Awards.

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