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Ito Atsushi 伊藤淳史 ( Atsushi Ito )

NameIto Atsushi
Star SignSagittarius
Birthday25 November 1983

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Filmography (19)
Daibinbo [2017]
Kakihara Shinichi
Mutsu ~Mieru Me~ [2015]
Hayase Junichiro
早瀬順一郎 (32)
Kazokugari [2014]
Sudo Shunsuke
MOZU Season 2 ~ Maboroshi no Tsubasa ~ [2014]
MOZU 2 ~ 幻の翼 ~
Narumiya Keisuke
MOZU ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru ~ [2014]
MOZU ~ 百舌の叫ぶ夜 ~
Narumiya Keisuke
Apoyan ~ Hashiru Kokusai Kuukou [2013]
あぽやん ~ 走る国際空港
Endo Keita
遠藤慶太 (29)
Chouchou-san [2011]
Tanigawa Isaku
Team Batista Season 3 [2011]
Propose Kyodai [2011]
Tanaka Kazuo (Main character for Story 4)
Mori no Asagao [2010]
Oikawa Naoki
General Rouge no Gaisen [2010]
Taguchi Kohei
Team Batista no Eiko [2008]
Taguchi Kohei
Loss:Time:Life [2008]
(story 5)
Watashitachi no kyokasho [2007]
Saiyuuki [2006]
Densha Otoko [2005]
Yamada Tsuyoshi (Train Man)
山田剛司 (23)
Yoshitsune [2005]
Aijou Ippon! [2004]
轟 のぼる (17)
Umizaru [2004]
Kudo Hajime

Users who voted for this artiste (32)
1. Nezumi-chan
DENSHA OTOKO, need I say more? ^__________^ If you've seen the drama, you'll vote. Simple. This guy was HILARIOUS.......omg......so convincing, too, in the portrayal of his character and his character's idiosyncrasies..... (and OMG he's one day less of a year older than me! @ [I discovered this at his profile right before the vote])
2. Vicious-chan
How come nobody votes for this guy? The man is hilarious! Hell, I can't even accept the fact that another actor is playing Yamada in the Densha Otoko movie. *Sigh* Anyway, I hope this guy gets more roles in the future. ^_^
3. liquidlzero
i think he was so good in Densha Otoko...yeah i can't even picture Itoh Misaki with another leading love intrest in her other dramas lol...i hope they get to work again together lol
4. siowchan
Kakkoi in Densha Otoko, even though he was an otaku. Contrast with his televised interview, he isn't dorky in person. So kudos for his performance!
5. xiong_here
This guy is so dorky in Densha but he's great in Yoshitsune. It goes to show his versatility as an actor. This guy gets one of my votes!
6. UetoAyaFanboy
Ah, what a nerdy guy. Too much fun watching this timorous guy reading hesitantly his lines. I'm sure is a virgin in real life too.
7. DenshaShoujo
He's a really great actor in Densha Otoko. He's also really good looking. He played the part of an Otaku perfectly!! =3
8. syota#4
oh my god its yamada-san!!!!! he playyed yamada very very good.. i never what densha otoko be without him... GREAT PLAY
9. Syaoran
Great great great actor!!! He's so damn good in Densha Otoko, definitely desrves my vote :D
d j 4ever
10. kuridaisukiyo
11. zlabayle
Played one of the greatest underdogs in television history. kita!
12. krazekarin
he was soooo good im densha otoko!!
he is actually quite cute =]
13. overdose
He did an excellent job in Densha Otoko

Kitaaaaaaaaaa !!!!
14. MarkMan
Did a great job in 'Densha Otoko'! Definately gets my vote!
15. bettebogart
I can't imagine anyone else as Yamada, he IS the Train Man!
16. Signo
without him, densha otoko would be like soup without salt^^
17. blackstar
marvellous performance in densha otoko.. great actor!
18. tsukushi
GREAT in Densha Otoko!! Amazing actor!
19. Bo$$
superb acting ł񂵂@Ƃ@
20. conino
very good actor in densha otoko
21. dee8o8
hilarious on densha otoko!!!!
22. denshaotoko91
the perfect densha otoko. lol
23. bcgurl
DENSHA OTOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24. SunnyDaiki
Densha Otoko, my new love ^^
25. negativex
he's good in densha otoko!!
26. gotosira
good job in densha otoko!
27. prismatic_star
Amazing actor!
28. Nat
hilarious guy
29. Zanmato
great actor!
30. jitnuts
u rocks..

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