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Lee Dong Gun イ ドンゴン

NameLee Dong Gun
イ ドンゴン

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Filmography (1)
Friends [2002]
Park Kyung Joo
パク キョンジュ

Users who voted for this artiste (8)
1. janica
This guy has the makings of a Class A actor. Aside from his good looks, he can portray the character he plays really well. He puts himself in the role therefore, one can easily empathize with the emotions he is going through. What had actually gotten me hooked to this guy was a scene in "Lovers in Paris' wherein he was supposed to have amnesia and he was bading farewell to Tae Young...One would have actually believed that he can't remember anything but as the car pulled away, his jolly, innocent, child-like expression slowly changed to extreme anguish...a feeling of intense pain that only comes from the very core of one's soul. His facial expression was enough to state the scenario...no words would have been necessary. I wish he'll have more challenging roles which will improve his acting ability. If he's able to move people with the scene that I'd narrated, I just can't imagine what he can do if he becomes a full-pledge veteran actor in this industry.
2. blinik
I really fell in love with this guy in Lover's in Paris - I think he's a great actor. Although I don't like it when he wears his hair like this (in the photo) he is more dashing with bangs... I wonder where in Korea does this guy live? Is he married or seeing anyone? what type of girl does he like?
3. lovingreen
He is really cute i love dim in the drama smile again
4. jianne
ajushi!!! saranghaeyo!! =D he's a goodlooking guy!
5. rina
Handsome guy... hehehehe
6. habhie1021
7. jasspong
8. R`zzz