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Morita Go 森田剛 ( Go Morita )

NameMorita Go
JPop GroupV6
Star SignPisces
Birthday20 February 1979
Blood TypeA

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Morita Go

This popular V6 boyband member has his way to win the heart of his many fans through his wit and charm. Successful as both singer and actor, he also has achieve...

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Filmography (13)
Risuku no Kamisama [2015]
Yuuki Minoru
結城実 (35)
Taira no Kiyomori [2012]
Taira no Tokitada
Kuitan Season 2 [2007]
喰いタン 2
Noda Ryousuke
Kuitan [2006]
Noda Ryousuke
The Winds of God [2005]
Kimi wo Miagete [2002]
Takano (25)
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Yome wa mitsuboshi [2001]
Gekka no Kishi [2000]
Shin oretachi no tabi (ver.1999) [1999]
Pu-Pu-Pu jump [1998]
Hitotsu yane no shita Season 2 [1997]
ひとつ屋根の下 2
Miki's brother
Chef [1995]

Users who voted for this artiste (21)
1. atata
Go Go Go Go...somehow i juz feel different towards him den other guys. I'm in love with him for 4 years and still counting. Kawaii even though he has a bad guy image. He is irreplaceble in my heart, unique in his own way. 'ore wa ore'! he is great in everything with a style of his own. Go is the reason im voting.
2. eugenia
Go is very cute when he smiles and i always like his smile. His acting is great in Kekka no Kishi but i prefer him to rap and sing. I think that Go dance the best in V6. He look good in all kind of hairstyle i think. His dressing style is great also, kore gara mo go-kun wa ganbatte ikimasho!!!
3. kamisen_fanatic
his acting is really very impressive. most people probably wouldnt pay much attention to his acting because of his being in a boy band. but he is really one good actor. i think he is underrated. he deserves more attention in his acting career.
4. pedang_patah
he's kawaii na...in 'shin oretachi no tabi'..only...cuz i didnt find he's cute in v6 until i watched shin oretachi..his hairstyles nowadays are horrendous and doesnt suit his face...
5. we!Rd^dUcK
i like his character in his movies, especially when he's a guest appearance in Lunch No Joou..... KAWAI!!!!! he's really good in bad character....
6. promilkidd
this guy is the apple of my eye in V6! His personality stands up and is great with his bestfriend KenKen!!
7. superFLY
Heehee I like him, I don't know why though. uh but when I first saw him I thought he was a girl. *hides*
8. aishetru
love this cool bad boy. he's got a lot of charisma and charm. and his acting is pretty decent.
9. keax
I thought he was scarily good in Lunch no Joou. He really seemed awfully badass.
10. minitotoro
great at acting.
great at singing
great as a person
just awsome <333
11. kUsAnOzAQT
He is just plain hot. He has the hottest dance moves too!
12. baybeehxsleepi
wow he's sugoi in being a bad ass guy in Lunch Queen lol
13. karin-chan
i love this dude! Cho hawt and kawaii!!
14. bakanishijin
Go's amazing when he dances.. : D
15. momoko_ichigo
his cute x]
like his voice too
16. kaotsun
><><><>< luv ya! gokun!
17. t_rain
18. jenn
19. Hirari Chan
20. hizel~
21. ice_shi