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Narumi Riko 成海璃子 ( Riko Narumi )

NameNarumi Riko
Star SignLeo
Birthday18 August 1992
Blood TypeO
B/W/H70 / 55 / 75

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Filmography (17)
Mi o Tsukushi Ryouricho [2017]
Kuroi Junin no Onna [2016]
Kanda Kumi
Kogure Shashinkan [2013]
Nobuko Kakimoto
Taira no Kiyomori [2012]
Taira no Shigeko / Kenshunmon'in
Don Quixote [2011]
Matsuura Sachiko
BOSS Season 2 [2011]
Kurohara Rika
Chance! ~ Kanojo ga Seiko Shita Riyu [2009]
チャンス!~ 彼女が成功した理由
Okawa Izumi (part 2)
Hachimitsu to Kuroba [2008]
Hanamoto Hagumi
花本はぐみ (18)
Juken no Kamisama [2007]
Sugawara Michiko
Enka no Joou [2007]
演歌の女王 (えんか の じょおう)
Gomi Sadako (16)
Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai [2006]
後藤瑠璃子 (15)
Ichi Ritoru no Namida [2005]
Ikeuchi Ako
池内 亜湖 (13)
Ruri no shima [2005]
藤沢瑠璃 (11)
Denchi ga kireru made [2004]
橘結花 (10)
Wedding Planner [2002]
Mishima Haruka (epi 7)
Trick Season 2 [2002]
Young Yamada Naoko
Trick [2000]
Young Yamada Naoko

Users who voted for this artiste (37)
1. asugar2
Cute plus has a wide range for acting from Jr. High student in ( Juken no Kamisama/The Goddess of Exams ) to College age in (Honey & Clover/Hachimitsu to Clover ) a year later! seems to always play anti-social or hen characters (Hatachi no Koibito)who's in her own world... =)
2. allanah
Where's her beautiful picture?
The kindness just shined in this young actress eyes, and she was beautiful even without a full head of hair. She took up a real challenge acting in 'Denchi' and what a performance.
3. ThyGriever
She's so young and really pretty~! And plus, she's a good actress. I saw her in 1 litre of tears and her performance almost brought me to tears =) I hope to see her more often in the future!
4. Shuin
She looks matured at the age of 14, but she's already been casting in quite a few drama, but i only came to see her in 1 litre of tears and i think she did very well in that drama =)
5. Evil_Ellie
She's a really good actress especially sinceshe's so young! I loved her in 1 litre of tears, hope she acts in more dramas as she grows older!
6. dunadan
Noticed her from 1 Litre and then watched her in Ruri. Even though she was just a supporting role in the former, her acting shines bright.
7. Vyras
For her young age, she did an excellent job in Ruri no Shima as the main lead. Definitely the star to look for in the future.
8. slashersam016
First time i saw her in Ruri no Shima, she's really an underrated star... she deliver her role very well in a young age...
9. thuydiep
liked her in 1 litre of tears! also you can see her in the movie waters.. with oguri shun ^^
10. kirei_lanford
ill just have to wait for several years
and shell definitely be a real idol
kawaii sora!!
11. usagi_on_the_moon
Great in Ruri no Shima, followed that up with a beautiful performance in 1 Litre of Tears.
12. MokaGirl
I think her really talented already. I liked her acting. Currently following Ruri no Shima
13. Sasagawaa
My favorite actress with Erika Toda And Yui Aragaki ! I'm just 2 weeks older than her :D.
14. UWFShooter
Even though she's WAY underage... Ruri no Shima makes you want to fall in love with her!
15. Milu
I like the way she plays on Ruri no shima. A promising future star I will call.
16. ueda_neko
like her in 1 littoru no namida!!!
pretty and cute~~
new star~
17. Mimuraaa
Yeah I found an actress younger than me (3 august 1992) :D !
18. uchijin
She's very talented and pretty! I really admire her.
19. kwokinator88
Good Acting, She Looks Good too =) Lotsa Potential
20. crimsonRED
such a pretty young girl with full of potential.
21. TheDarkHoodedMan
shes so supportive in litre of tears love her!
22. ananas
talented,and kawaii
i really like her
23. kireiyuhi
She's so young but still so amazing
24. zdorama
Cute as Heck, and BOY can she act!
25. galeway
Pretty and knows how to act
26. dee8o8
definately a rising star
27. tiesw
Cute. Deep vocal.
28. Jill-Jenn
29. peef2
30. octane

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