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Saeko サエコ

Star SignScorpio
Birthday16 November 1986

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 アイドル道変顔GP 中川翔子vsサエコ
アイドル道変顔GP 中川翔子vsサエコ


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Filmography (8)
5 to 9 ~ Watashi ni Koi Shita Obousan~ [2015]
5→9 〜私に恋したお坊さん〜
Mouri Masako
毛利まさこ (26)
hoteriaa [2007]
Good Job [2007]
Nodame Cantabile [2006]
のだめ カンタビ−レ
Saku Sakura (Contrabass)
佐久 桜
Oishii puropozu [2006]
Asakura Michiru
浅倉ミチル (19)
Dragon Zakura [2005]
Kobayashi Maki�@
Aijou Ippon! [2004]
柴田 みりん
Tenka [2004]

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LOVE SAEKO official site

Users who voted for this artiste (19)
1. kha
she is sooo cute, i love her cute little voice its adorable, her face is just so cute, and the clothes she wears in dragonzakura and the way she wears them looks so cute!, also when she's pissed is just toooo CUTE AND ADORABLE!
i want a girlfriend who looks like her sooo much mines just average -.-
can any1 send me a picture of her when shes pissed in dragon zakura?
2. iwan
She's so cute and adorable!!! don't know how to say it but she's like a fallen angel. Love her in nodame and dragon zakura. wanna see her play more main role 'cause so far she just given a small part in her dorama. Ganbatte ne saeko-chan!!
3. Fight-oh
Saeko was super in Dragon Zakura.. She was Maki Kobayashi... she looked so pretty hehe.. even though she's pretty short her beauty and great smile make up for it... Hope to see her in future roles... Saeko is #9 on my list
4. asugar2
In The US was Voted Number 1 Hottest Baseball Wives of 2010!
Would just love to see Saeko, Star in her own Drama!
5. yuki loves teppei
like her in dragon zakura! liked her voice and face.. great tandem with hideki.. they fit for each other! just hate the part where hideki wants to make love with her or whatever it means..
6. ayumihamasakisan
God, she was crazy in "Oishii PUROPOOZU". It was actually really funny, but her voice made the character SO much more irritating. I liked it. hahahaha.
7. robbo4
Cute as a button and I love her little "cartoon-charcter" voice. Like all of the women in 'Oishii Proposal', she made my heart skip a beat!
8. Ohmkung09
umm... I really like Saku Sakura character, I think she has a standpoint and can give willpower to her friend too.
9. NyappyNeko
SOOO kawaiii<3333 in Dragon Zakura!!!

mm...Nana?? Don't remember where.....anoo~...1 or 2 chapter? whats role??
10. `loveliciouss.
SAEKO'S SO CUTE! <3 she's a goodactor and has a unique style. i love watching her on variety channels. X3
11. taibabi
I like her voice.. kawaii kodomo mitai~~
also.. her face when she's pissed in DragonZakura^^
12. Alienwork
she a cutezz actress..i like her role in aijau ippon...
13. illuminati
Kawaii!!! Love her in Dragon Zakura and Backdancers :)
14. shad0w
15. TomoyoN
Loved her in Dragonzakura!!!
16. Goldenoozaru
cute.......very cute.
17. n38iz87
Cute in Nana
18. dUlaIt
19. hyroshi84