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Sakai Ayana 酒井彩名 ( Ayana Sakai )

NameSakai Ayana
Star SignTaurus
Birthday16 May 1985
Blood TypeAB
B/W/H80 / 58 / 80

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Filmography (11)
Walkin' Butterfly [2008]
Aihara Megumi (ep 2, 4, 5)
Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne? [2008]
criminal (ep. 9)
Zettai Kareshi [2008]
Hirai Natsumi (ep. 7-9)
Mop Girl [2007]
Jotei [2007]
Hojou Rina
Hyakki Yakosho [2007]
Iijima Tsukasa
Oishii puropozu [2006]
(Ep 1 CA)
Bengoshi no Kuzu [2006]
(epi 10)
Hana Yori Dango [2005]
Kurimaki Ayano
Attack No.1 [2005]
アタック No.1
Hayakawa Midori
早川みどり (16)
Ace wo Nerae! [2004]
Midorikawa Ranko
緑川蘭子 (17)

Users who voted for this artiste (24)
1. zeldAIS
Loved her role in Ace wo Nerae. She's a real beauty indeed. Liked how she changes the mood of the scene. Was also surprised when she played the part as fiancee of Tsukasa Doumyouji in HanaDan. I will yet to see her in Attack #1 and other promising dramas.
2. midori
She's soo~ talented! Can't believe only 2 people voted for her yet! oô;;
I loved the way she played in Attack no1!! ^o^
3. zeraya
i liked her she is amazing actor i want to see more drama for her >_< . she was really great in attack no 1
4. TomoyoN
Wow didnt kno she was that girl who appeared in Hana Yori Dango... She's cute! :P
5. John Batusai
shes a very beaufull actress not just a pretty one but also a very good actress
6. thuydiep
she's really pretty and love her acting in Attack No. 1 & Hana Yori Dango!
7. balia17
she is pretty n sporty~! nice performance in Waterboys 2005 Summer~!!!
8. andrew.mitsuko
She is a very rare gem, unpolished yet have lotsa of potential.
9. n38iz87
Acts very good in BRII and Hana yori dango
10. saucecake
she's hot o.o..and i love her voice! =)
11. Kermitton
What a good charismatic actress!!
12. qinhan
Cos she good at acting 81/100
13. MrNiceGuy
She has big eyes! Cute girl.
14. pizzadans
So pretty and good actress
15. munzir00
she is very cute
16. vicky20
17. Qinrong
18. stars
19. cdeuxp
20. mizuhead
21. assuran
22. amtamfan84
23. ProtoMMC
24. hyroshi84