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Sanada Hiroyuki 真田広之 ( Hiroyuki Sanada )

NameSanada Hiroyuki
Star SignLibra
Birthday21 October 1960
Blood TypeA

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Filmography (7)
Hikon Kazoku [2001]
的場 洋介 (40)
Furuhata Ninzaburo Season 3 [1999]
古畑任三郎 3
Taburoido [1998]
Manabe Toshihito
Konna koi no hanashi [1997]
Harashima Shuichiro
Hideyoshi [1996]
Boku ga kanojo ni shakkin o shita riyu [1994]
Kou kou kyoushi [1993]
Hamura Takao

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Hatsukoi (First Love)
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Users who voted for this artiste (18)
1. Mujer
He's so incredibly handsome. I've been in love with him ever since i've since Konna koi no hanashi.....Just finished watching Koukou Kyoushi (1993) and am so in love with his character...he's such a versatile actor! KAKKOII!
2. Miss Marty
A REAL actor. He's rather short, chinless, and has tiny ears, but he's MEGA SEXY! Check out all his work, especially "Twilight Samurai" (Tasogare Seibei).
3. ginger ale
Versatile actor,so handsome and sexy. Very intense in the movies I've seen him in -White Countess, Last Samurai , the Promise and Twilight Samurai.
4. chaos
had yet to see him in tv series...
but watched him in Ring, Last Samurai, Tasogare Seibei
and he deserves the be one of the great actors...
5. ping_bong
What a fantastic actor! His professional acting skills has display another level where no one has ever been before. Well done Sanada san!
6. Sleepingstar
He is good actor, too bad he didn't do more dramas, luckily we still see him in movies.
7. yuka
He is the epitome of cool maturity and debonair in �gThe Story of Love.�h
8. Mylene
Sanada was my first love among japanese actors. he is great!
9. KAZdoramma
such a cool japanese actor, i loved him in LAST SAMURAI
10. Chou
He is a really great actor with a great voice! ^.^
11. brazzy
Great actor... I liked him in "the ring"
12. ilovetakuya
A real actor. He's very sexy too..:)
13. Boogoo8
Charming actor with charming acts!
14. geishagio
15. -Fabu-
16. Mask Maker
17. Victorious Secret
18. uscccs