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Shibasaki Kou 柴咲コウ ( Kou Shibasaki )

NameShibasaki Kou
Star SignLeo
Birthday05 August 1981
Blood TypeB

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Shibasaki Kou

Since her debut in Battle Royale, Shibasaki Kou has attracted the attention of audiences with her astounding acting abilty and mysterious charm. With her recent...

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 Shibasaki Kou
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 shibasaki kou CM actuality
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shibasaki kou CM MOVE


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Filmography (17)
Onna Joshu Naotora [2017]
おんな城主 直虎
Ii Naotora
Marumaru Tsuma [2015]
Kubota Hikari
Nobunaga Kyousoukyoku [2014]
Ki Cho, Oda Nobunaga's wife
Ando Lloyd �` A.I. knows LOVE? �` [2013]
安堂ロイド〜A.I. knows LOVE?〜
Ando Asahi
Galileo Season 2 [2013]
ガリレオ 2
Utsumi Kaoru
Gaikoukan Kuroda Kosaku [2011]
Ogaki Rikako
Wagaya no Rekishi [2010]
Yame Masako
Galileo [2007]
Utsumi Kaoru
Dr Koto - Shinryoujo 2006 [2006]
Hoshino Ayaka
Orange Days [2004]
Hagio Sae
萩尾沙絵 (22)
Dr. Koto Shinryojo [2003]
Hoshino Ayaka
星野彩佳 (25)
Good Luck !! [2003]
Ogawa Ayumi
緒川歩実 (24)
Renai Hensachi [2002]
Story 3 Yoshizawa Chie
吉沢千絵 (22)
Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi [2002]
宮下由紀 (19)
Yume no California [2002]
Let's Go Nagata-cho [2001]
Face ~ mishiranu koibito [2001]

Users who voted for this artiste (234)
1. Sorata
God i love her "bad girl" looks, most of her characters are badass girls but sweet and cool at the same time, i love those kind of girls and of course all of her characters.
I watched her in Battle Royale, Go, Good Luck and Orange Days.
Her character in Orange Days is so awesome, so cute and yet strong, one of my favorite female characters from j doramas; her character in Good Luck is awesome too, but she has little importance in the story(Kimutaku and planes hog all the time).
It�Ls a pity that she does so few doramas, i guess she�Ls more interested in her music career.
2. minochi99
My favorite actress. Who can be so mean looking and yet so mesmerizingly beautiful than Kou? She has that "I'll kick your ass punk and you'll like it too" look. Can't get enough of her in Orange Days. A very difficult role that she pulled over effortlessly it seems. She was great in Good Luck too. The weirdest smile, tho rare, can really enhance her beauty. Her perfomance in Battle Royale was the first time I saw in her. Boy, what a great first impression :-))

Kou also has a beautiful singing voice. Highly under-rated. Love her song "Katachi Arumono".
3. PapaDeshio
Well. start to adore her act since Sora Kara Furu ... Wonder why ppl said that she seems kinda look violent coz her act in this dorama. She's does like that, isn't she? Even, her physical looking + appearances speak by itself. Wonder which part of it BUT mostly perhaps from her eyes. DUH!
However, really like her act in GOOD LUCK as well, still young and she can be better among the best.
Dunno why but I agreed with FATMA, I love her hair too.
P/S: Nice to see a girl with a beautiful N nice hair.
4. Tu_triky
A tour de force in Orange Days! Her performance was so compelling I felt like I breathed and cried with every trial and tribulation of Sae Hagio. An absolutely incredible actress. Enjoyable as Ayumi Ogawa in Good Luck as well! Seems to play the role of the cool, sometimes icy woman, but does so with extreme precision and skill. Possesses a refreshing ability to act realistically -- not the stereotypical bubbly type. Gorgeous eyes, man!
5. imalone
I think I first heard a song of her than watched a movie/drama. I loved Katachi Aru Mono & I even started to learn the song. It was my first Japanese song. Then I saw her in Go!. It aired on tv & I liked her portrayal. But Orange Days made me like her. She's really pretty. I still wish she was with Satoshi lol. I hope she appears on tv more. I really like her personality.
6. 206
She is just one cool actress and plays that stubborn give me some lip role in Good Luck so well. I can't believe her villian role in Battle Royale. She has that serious look and is just cute when she breaks into a smile. Sweet! I'm watching her in Orange Days and she plays that tuff life role well and has that no smile look going good. Quickly becoming my favorite actress.
7. shanghai_honey
She is awesome and sooo kawaii. Kou Shibasaki has this magnetic charm that you can't help but notice her. Very cool, talented and exquisitely beautiful. I think she's the most versatile young actress in Japan today. From her violent, sexy character in Battle Royale to her sweet and deaf character in Orange Days, this girl simply makes a huge impact on viewers! :)
8. Anees
She's so good! so good! Of course she was best in Battle Royale. But she has played such different characters: In Orange Days, of course, she is amazing, and in Good Luck she plays such a different character. I also loved her in one missed call, which, by the way, is an awesome horror movie, and you should all watch it!
9. orange1806
Din really like her when I first saw her in sora kara furu ichioku hoshi. She had a very scary look there. But after watching her in several other shows, I must say she has her own style and is attractive. Watched almost all the shows she's acted in. Waiting to watch the latest movie she starred in.
10. 5_lvis_20
i love her....
i love her.......
i love her..........
i love orange day,dr.wu dao,
crying out in the center of the world,good luck....
i like every drama if hav her....
sho can slao sing well.....
i like the song of <crying out....world>..
she is my super star....
good luck 4 her...
11. Borado-san
I sent for the new CD "Mitsu" all the way from Japan to here in the USA and after hearing Shibasaki Kou sing, I am enchanted!!! She sings as beautifully as she looks! What a talent! If she ever does a World tour, I hope she will consider coming here! I would definitely buy a ticket!
12. kotoko
noticed her when watching Renai Henshachi. she is very cute in it... and later...

oh man! wonderful performance by her in Orange Days!

she is not the kind of normal beauty but there is sth very special about her. oh ya! and love her hair. it just fits into her face.
13. Jewel
A new but yet talented actoress. Her superb acting skills are proven in Orange Days as a mute and deaf, as well as Good Luck. Recently she has gone into the music industry too.. and is really successful in there too..

Looking forward to more of her dramas..
14. chokakoi
First saw her when I watched Orange Days. And thought she was a really good actress. Then, when I was watching Renai Hensachi, saw her again, and this time round, felt that she is really pretty. Not the typical 'girly-girly' sort of actress. Very charismatic.
15. azzwipe
She's incredible in Orange Days but what really made me vote for her is the fact that she played Mitsuko in my fave movie Battle Royale. I found out just minutes ago actually and that role alone is worth my vote since she was my fave character in the movie!
16. sucigam
Shibasaki is my favorite drama actress by far. She chooses her roles carefully and has gained my respect by not giving into the pressures of the idol world. Incredibly talented actress and singer, doesn't hurt that she is also uniquely beautiful.
17. yamada_taro
First watched her in "Good Luck!!'. Didn't think her facial expressions were so good in there because she kept giving the 'icy' look... but I liked her character. She was even better as Sae in Orange Days. Her music is fantastic too.
18. MissMonika
She's so beautiful and has such a lovely singing voice. First saw her in Good Luck, and thought she did a pretty good job. Definitely won me over when I saw Orange Days. Wow, props to her on that challenging role. She totally nailed it!
19. shiro-chan
shes soo kawaii... i first saw her in battle royale she was amazing... then one missed call also amazing... then recently watched orange days omg she was just awesome... shibasaki kou is definitily one of my fav j-actress

20. pearl
The most beautiful & cool Jap actress I have ever seen. Her ice queen image makes her very unique as compared to other Jap actresses. And her acting is fantastic! If you had seen "Battle Royale" & "Kakashi", that's her as the villian.
21. xtine888
Became an instant fan after I saw her in "Battle Royale" and have since watched a lot more of her dramas and movies. She's an amazing actress with great range. Also very beautiful and unique looking. (And I love her music, too!)
22. Nobita-kun
The ice queen of J-drama; she is no delicate flower. I was concerned she would be confined to sullen, borderline-psychotic roles until she showcased her acting talents in Orange Days. Her portrayal of the deaf girl blew me away.
23. phlargo
Just saw the first ep. of Orange Days and she gets a vote for sure - she's really great! I was super impressed by her acting, straight from the beginning. I'm really looking forward to to the rest of the series
24. slashersam016
First seen her in Battle Royale, i fell in love with her acting and mysterious looks. but the way she sings also captivates me. "I just didnt want to be aloser anymore" hey Kou your not a loser now ^_^
25. nene
i love her! i've never had a jp fave actress before, she's my first <3
i dont watch battle royale cause i dont watch horrors;_; but she acts great in Orange Days, loving the series and her look! <3
26. K.T.Tran
Watched her in Orange Days and now I'm a fan of her. She did a terrific job in this drama. She's pretty hot too. Also did a fantastic job in Good Luck drama. Kou is a pretty good singer as well.
27. jrockreien
Okay... She is one of my favorite actresses in jdramas... Orange Days... WOAH... now not many people can pull off what she did at that level... GOOD LUCK was great tooo sooooo believable :D
28. Luthiel no Edge
I'll thank you forever because of Orange Days and your singing. You are the N��1 for me. I'll always support you. Tsuki No Shizuku is the song I have listened the most in my whole life.
29. xiong_here
Great actress AND singer! She's got a face that makes you think twice about her, I get the 'cute but deadly' feeling when I look at her. She's great in Orange and, wow, the dedication!
30. gackt
very talented singer, her song "katachi aru mono", theme song of seka-chu, made me cry almost as much as the dorama did, first song to ever do that to me
her other songs are good too

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