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Sonim ソニン

Star SignPisces
Birthday10 March 1983
Blood TypeO

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Filmography (6)
Hatsukoi [2012]
Onna no Ichidaiki [2005]
Taichi Kiwako (3rd Night)
Ichiban Kurai no wa Yoake Mae [2005]
Tokyo Wankei [2004]
Moto Kare [2003]
Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003 [2003]
高校教師 2003
Kudo Beniko
工藤紅子 (18)

Users who voted for this artiste (9)
1. meiohsetsuna
I thought she was the most talented thing under the sun after watching her play Beniko in KouKou Kyoushi. She stole the show away from the leads! I cared more about her than the main chars! She had a minor role in Moto Kare but it was a complete 180 from her Beniko char. I didn't recognize her until halfway through the series. That's how convincing she was!
2. sanna
This girl is so cute. She stole the show away from Ueto Aya in Kou Kou Kyoushi and when I saw her in Tokyo Wankei, her role as Norika fit her so well I hope to see her in more dramas!!!
3. Hibiki-san
Very talented young star who stole scenes from Aya Ueto in Koukou Kyoushi. Speaking of which, why isn't KKK a part of her filmography??
4. Miss Marty
She stole the show in Koukou Kyoushi 2003. And yes, she's Korean, but from Japan. Third generation according to a Japanese fanpage.
5. Replicant
I liked her a lot in Tokyo Wankei. But I was totally amazed by her fantastic perfomance in Moto Kare. Great actress!
6. cheeqo
very cute and talented actress. isn't she supposed to be in "Densha Otoko" dorama too ? (special episode).
7. jet black devotion
@Junn - She's half Korean.
For those who don't know, she was also the singer in EE Jump
8. Junn
She's a singer too. I heard she was korean? Can somoene else confirm? Anyway very cute
9. MaoMoLin