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Tegoshi Yuya 手越祐也 ( Yuya Tegoshi )

NameTegoshi Yuya
JPop GroupNewS
Star SignScorpio
Birthday11 November 1987
Blood TypeB�^
Height166 cm

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Filmography (8)
Deka Wanko [2011]
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge [2010]
Toyama Yukinojo
Dareka ga Uso wo Tsuiteiru [2009]
Sato Takahiro
Shabake [2007]
Hyoten 2006 [2006]
Tsujiguchi Toru (23)
My Boss, My Hero [2006]
Sakurakouji Jun
Gachi Baka ! [2006]
ガチバカ !
�F�Á@�؎� (18)
Gekidan Engimono - Ie ga Tooi [2005]
劇団演技者 - 家が遠い

Users who voted for this artiste (63)
1. RubberDuckie
His voice is seriously the best of all NewS. It's to die for XD They should give him more solo parts once NEWS comes back. I LOVEE his smile and "baby of the group" personality. He also has really good acting skills, especially in Gachibaka, which is almost the exact opposite of his character in rea life. HES THE BEST IN NEWS~
2. cherish-Kusano
It's my Tego-baby! x) I love Tegoshi so much! He's such a talented singer. And now he's stepping into the acting scene and I am so proud of him. He's a great actor and I can't wait to see his new drama and his movie! <3333
3. Ochibi
He has an amazing voice and beautiful control - this boy was put into NEWS after only 10 months as a jr for a reason. And he's got the cute that makes everyone want to take him home :3
4. Elric@Tegoshi&Kusano
Tegoshi ha gakkoi desuyo and he is cute too. In addition, he can sing very well too. Ganbatte ne Tegoshi-chan. Hope can finish watch his 15 sai no blues and his new movie!!
5. Buchou
He has a certain innocent and boy-ish air about him, yet a surprisingly deep voice. Amazing talent and control - he is definitely one of the strongest voices in NEWS.
Tessi's loveable, he's plump cause I want pinch his cheek lol , Tessi and Massu go everywhere as a couple ^____^, I have never seen anyone as loveable as them XD
7. raynawashere
OMG!! he is seriously so cute!! i love him in yamato nadeshiko shichi henge!! so cute!! his smile is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dude he sings so well!!!!!
8. buagie_goofybua
he is so cute i like him very much
he is a good dancing and singer
i like his voice b'coz when i listen to his songs i feel his voice has power
9. k4g0me
This boy is so pretty. Can't help but look at him. Loved him in My Boss, My Hero. I wish he would stand out a bit more in NewS. Sooo cool!!
10. Di@na
Wow...another cute and handsome actor/singer with a lot of talent! AND he is scorpio (lke me XD).. I like almost every drama he was playing.
11. karmanova
My fav news member. He has such a great singing voice! and from what i've seen so far, he's quite a good actor too! yay yay for tesshi!
12. mickiie
tegoshi is kawaii ~^^ he has a great voice
and all his dramas were soo good *smilin'*
he also has a cute personality ^____^
13. html_ellie
omg!!...even tho ppol say his d worst dancer in NEWS..he's acting in my boss, my hero was off d hook!!..it was aawesome!!
14. supaflysista21
OMG! He is so adorable in My boss, My hero. I heard that he had an awesome singing voice.
Gosh! I so want to adopt him!
15. Strawberry-cake
LOVEEEEEEE Tegoshi..........He looks so cute and so sweet....And he has such beautiful voice
I want to see him acting
16. michaela
He's like a pretty girl, i just saw him in mbmh but i have fallen for him so i hope to see him in more doramas.
17. Yamashita_Shin
his is my fav johnny's soo cute!... wish he had a more joyful character in dramaz... and such a great singer!
18. sweetie85
I love Tegoshi ever since I watched Summary..ever since that,I have been keeping track of all his shows..
19. Soina
He's really great voice, both in singing and talking, so it's obvious that he's good as an actor aswell.
20. Grenat
Cute and hyper talented , no wonder he entered NewS just 10 month after he entenred Jonnhy's jimusho
21. kins
he really can act. REALLY. but, he always plays a depressed character. though he's quite genki ne..
22. Sow Mei
he's getting hot..and kakkoii+kawaii...
likes his acting skills very much..and his voice..
23. tessyxxxnotty
i think he has a great talent and
will be a really BIG star in future.
he is so adorable.
24. pinkhairyfairy
Super cute, GORGEUS voice, and also good at acting XD.. he's improving everytime I see him.
25. CenturyLover
Hes got talent and he looks soo kawaii>_< Cant wait to see the last episodes of his drama!
26. nanaKM46
He was soo adorable in my boss, my hero & I love his shy & cute character
27. MintCeres
great voice, cute face :D
unfortunately i havent seen any dramas of him yet
28. bieyuya
Tegoshi Yuya has awesome voice and nice looks! love his voice forever!
29. rarcupcake
he's so awesome and i love to watch his acting
preety awesome, eh?
30. hisu
kawaiiiiiii. he's really really good as actor. I love his Doramas!!

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