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Ueno Juri 上野樹里 ( Juri Ueno )

NameUeno Juri
Star SignGemini
Birthday25 May 1986
Blood TypeA

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Ueno Juri

Having striking talent and energetic charm, Ueno Juri has been a favorite of many an independent film director. She gained worldwide recognition for her brea...

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Filmography (18)
Theseus no Fune [2020]
Tamura Yuki
Kazoku no Katachi [2016]
Kumagai Hanako
熊谷葉菜子 (32)
Ouroboros [2015]
Hibino Mizuki
Alice no Toge [2014]
Mizuno Asumi
Gou ~ Himetachi no Sengoku [2011]
江 ~ 姫たちの戦国
Sunao ni Narenakute [2010]
Mizuno Tsukiko/"Haru"
Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban [2009]
Ueno, Miyuki, Misuzu, Hinata
Last Friends [2008]
Kishimoto Ruka
Loss:Time:Life [2008]
Matsunaga Yukiko (story 4)
Jodan Janai! [2007]
Takamura Eren (20)
Nodame Cantabile [2006]
のだめ カンタビ−レ
Noda Megumi aka Nodame (Piano)
野田 恵
Boku Tachi no Senso [2006]
Kamoshita Minami
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 1 [2006]
Ryoko/Ryo-chan (Episode 4)
Kyuuketsuki Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Special [2005]
Nanase Miyuki
Kindaichi shonen no Jikenbo (2005) [2005]
Engine [2005]
Hoshino Misae
星野美冴 (18)
Orange Days [2004]
Kirishima Ayumi
桐島あゆみ (16)
Teru Teru Kazoku [2003]

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J-Style UenoJuri.jp

Amuse - Ueno Juri's Page

Users who voted for this artiste (200)
1. Padme
Juri Ueno. What can I say?

It's very entertaining watching her on screen (haven't seen her much on TV). It's just too bad she didn't have enough lines on Orange Days, but this girl sure can act. She did a brilliant performance in Shinobu Yaguchi's SWING GIRLS (2004). If you still haven't seen it -- well you better do. It's one of the best movies that came out of Japan last 2004.

She seem great on comedy. But it wouldn't surprise me if she does well in a dramatic role. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her on TV or movies. One thing I'd like to see more of -- is her playing the sax (saxophone) yet again. Wooot! GO JURI!!
2. Sorata
I saw her in Engine and Orange Days, but her performance in Last Friends was what maked me notice her, she saved that dorama from being a total desaster. She doesn�Lt have that pretty like doll face(Ueto Aya, Toda Erika, Hirosue Ryoko or Fukada Kyoko) but she�Ls by far the best female actor of her generation(most like Yamada Takayuki is for the young male actors).
This girl is just pure acting talent, it�Ls a pity i hate classical music because that stops me from watching Nodame. Can�Lt wait to see more of Juri-chan.
3. OCster
What can I say about this darling... she's probably the cutest Japanese actress I've seen onscreen! (Nodame!) She seems like such a sweetheart, and her acting versatility is ever apparent as she switched from quirky, lovable Nodame to awesomely cool Ruka in Last Friends. And boy can she ACT. I thought she was particularly good in the Nodame Cantabile SP. Cute to boot (and Utada Hikaru agrees enthusiastically!) and a very down-to-earth nature about her that makes her so adorable. Go Ueno Juri, you rock girl.
4. flororig
I like her...When i saw the series nodame cantabile, damn she so good...So i started to watch all her series...I like tsubasa oreta season 1 episode 4...she is serious, this is the first time i saw her in serious drama coz she is always in commedic series...Her smile and mood so fantastic...Her attire this drama i like it..COOL (Punks attire)...I LOVE YOU JURI CHAN!!!
5. misaki697
She is an absolutely amazing actress!! Extremely talented!! After watching Nodame Cantabile, i fell in love with her. But it wasnt until seeing her role in Last Friends that i saw how truly talented she is. She pulled off the comical, awkward, feminine role in Nodame, and then completely switched to a serious, tomboy role in Last Friends. She is truly talented!!
6. ScrappedShinigami
There aren't many female actresses that I truly appreciate. But Ueno is a rare gem in acting talent.
She's a likable actress and can pull off both funny and angst.
I was first introduced to her in Nodame Cantabile, which she was fantastic in! But since have seen her in other things such as Engine where she proved to me that she isn't a one trick pony!
7. shanghai_honey
Very funny actress! I liked her wackiness in Swing Girls and her turn in Engine too. She can also play a timid and gentle character in Orange Days. Ueno Juri is very talented and versatile. She is soo kawaii as Nodame, gosh she's brilliant! And I love her latest turn as Ruka in Last Friends. Kakoii desu ne? Gambatte Juri chan! ^__^
8. Tangerous
While I'm basing this solely on her work in Nodame Cantabile, that solitary performance has made me a fan for life. It takes a lot of courage to and skill to portray a character like Noda Megumi(Nodame) and it would be difficult to imagine anyone else in the role. On a side-note, is it me or does she look a LOT like Matsuura Aya?
9. JuLy
U're really the Queen from the nerds people jungle hehe....good job in such a young age!!
When I saw her at 'behind the scene' of Nodame Cantabile, it proved her as great actrees...her real personalities is so much different from Nodame haha...it also need special skill to show many kind weird mimi of Nodame hehe...
10. venusling
Outstanding actress in Japan! One of my favourite artist! She's so adoreable and talented. I love her character in Nodame Cantibile. No one can replace her. I'm hooked watching Last Friends which she play the entiring different role from Nodame. She really can act and has bright future ahead! Gambatte!
11. deseipher
A very talented young actress who is capable of taking on a variety of roles, Ueno Juri has been a joy to watch. A very pretty, lively and energetic young lady from what I've seen in interviews, game shows, etc, and it's that charm that along with her great acting that has me head over heels for her.
12. Jani
Out of all the young actresses, I'd say Juri is way above the pack. She might not have had many main roles prior to the groundbreaking Nodame Cantabile but if you look at her in Nodame and Last Friends, you would say that she is one of the stalwarts of jdramas, worthy of more and more and more...
13. calico
Very very pretty, and a talented actress. Seeing her great performances in Engine and Swing Girls makes me look forward to her potential in th near future. Looking forward to seeing her as Miyuki in the new installment of Kindaichi Shonen Jikenbo opposite Kamenashi Kazuya.
14. elyse
Ah, the talented Juri-chan! I simply love her. She acts so well in every role, and she's still so young. It's rare to see a young actress with talent (and not just a pretty look). My first Juri-chan drama is Nodame Cantabile. She's a true Nodame off screen, too :P
15. Lee-chan
In truth, I haven't seen her in too many shows. But after watching a few episodes of "Nodame Cantabile", then turning around and watching "Last Friends", I was blown away. I can't wait to watch her in more media, and I hope she only gets better as time goes on.
16. compaqmac321
young actress that can do it all, the 1st thing i saw her in was last friends, and it made me curious to see what else she could do which led me to watching nodame, engine, joudan ja nai swing girls and a number of her other things...shes just too dope
17. DougFunnieee
I've only seen her in Swing Girls so far, but I definitely want to check out more of her works. She's a very talented actress, and not to mention she is very attractive because of her accessible look. I look forward to the rise of this star!
18. docalion
Wushu!! Mukyaaaaaaaaa!!! Noda-chan!! Always alwaya love you!! Not afraid of experimenting herself. She will surely go far in the business. I hope you and Tamaki Hiroshi could enjoy some time together....hoping the both of you to end up! Wooo!!
19. frozenfroze
Cute and talented actress.... She's able to bring out the characters of many different kinds of roles..... Liked her acting in Engine and especially Nodame Cantabile :D.... Wants to see more of her shows and hope she's able to win more awards
20. moonchyld
no one could've been more naturally ADORABLE as juri-san in Nodame. or quirky in Swing Girls and Turtles Can Swim Fast Too. or cool and deep at the same time in Last Friends. Juri-san is all about personality, charm and of course, TALENT.
21. thtl
She's way beyond your average 'kawaii' Japanese teen actress. Her rebellious character in 'Engine' contrast sharply with her role as a brash school girl in 'Swing Girls'. Goes to show she is acting the role and not just acting herself.
22. Inujun
Loved her in Nodame and Swing Girls. Very talented and so adorably cute without being irritating. She totally brought Nodame to life, hope to see whether she can surpass that role one day, but till then, I'd consider her very successful.
23. beryl_28
Thought she was really cute when she acted in swing girls! That show had really been much of a success mainly because of her! She acted as a rather different character in engine but she can handle it just as well!!!! gambatte kudasai!
24. chibichan
amazing, that all i can say to her acting skill. I first wach her in Nodame, play a role as a dumb and silly Nodame, and then become a sexual disoriented person in Last Friend. She sure be the best acctress in Japan. two thumbs up !!!
25. nakamotosan
I didn't jump on the bandwagon after Nodame. I liked her in her small role in Engine! I love the scene when she's chasing the little boy as he's yelling for Jiro to stop and then Jiro gives her a hug while see crying.
26. laylowmay
Did not even notice her in Orange Days. But what a performance in Swing Girls! She looks more Korean than Japanese to me. And she's a lot cuter than in this picture. So somebody please find a better picture of her.
27. kneehard
I seem to find her acting in most of the stuff I watch, like Engine, Orange Days, Kindaichi 2005, Swing Girls. She's not bad as an actress and quite cute to look at. I think given time, she'll make it big in Japan.
28. DoR4Em0n
Ever since I saw her on Swing Girls, I can't stop watching all her movies/dramas. I prefer Juri's smile over her serious face. I don't really know what kind of role she likes to be, but that's just how I like her.
29. jicks
Juri-chan totally rocks!! This girl can act her ass off & is one of the few females who can single-handedly make me go & pursue a drama or movie purely because she is in it. Can't get enough of her.
30. sucigam
It seems in the last year of dramas and movies Ueno has become one of the biggest actresses in Japan and she deserves it. Nodame solidified her position to me as the best actress of the
"new" generation.

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