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Top 100
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Watanabe Ken 渡辺謙 ( Ken Watanabe )

NameWatanabe Ken
Star SignLibra
Birthday21 October 1959

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Filmography (8)
Hakugin Jack [2014]
Kurata Reiji
Makete, Katsu [2012]
Yoshida Shigeru
Hoshi Hitotsu no Yoru [2007]
Nonoyama Hiroji
Suna No Utsuwa [2004]
Imanishi Syuichiro
今西 修一郎 (45)
Kawa, Itsuka Umi e [2003]
Kochira Dai San Shakaibu [2001]
Hojo Tokimune [2001]
Hojo Tokiyori
Ikebukuro West Gate Park [2000]

Users who voted for this artiste (25)
1. Betsy Hayashi
One of the most talented actors of the World. I saw him in "Dokuganryu Masamune" ('87 NHK Taiga Drama) and I've got amazed with his acting skills. But after seeing him in "The Last Samurai", I became a huge fan of him. He's simply fantastic.
2. chrisyukiefan
The best japanese ACTOR i ever seen!!

DUde! he rocks!! although i only seen on his movie "Last Samurai" and memoires of a geisha
3. NanaTorigawa
I seen him in Letter from Iwo Jima and in IWGP... but that is it... he is famous in the U.S.A... i love his acting in IWGP thou!!
4. addie
my all-time favorite japanese actor!! i love him!! he just simply exudes such a manly aura!! and a superb actor!!!
5. UetoAyaFanboy
Serious and confident actor. He's the perfect guy to play samurai. He was better than Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai.
6. Svetonie
He's such a man whose name is all with big letters.
Very good actor and interesting person, handsome man^^
7. sucigam
Even if you ignore his movies his performances in IWGP and Suna no Utsuwa deserve a vote.
8. bihearts
seriously, why watanabe ken aren't in the top 100... seriously?!!!... majide?!!!
9. Etsuko
This man REALLY knows how to act!!!! One of the best i have ever seen!!!
10. ross_diadame
best japanese actor... just saw letters from iwo jima and he's great!!!
11. watanabe_fanclub
u know,from my username .I'm surely his fanclub
12. v1olet
his acting in Suna no Utsuwa is amazing
13. brazzy
Probably the best Japanese actor...
14. RoseK
one of great actors in japan
15. geishagio
the best actor in Japan
16. dannylai
oscar nominee dudes...
17. Sei-Chan
18. Ralbol
19. mrsmith10
20. Fukakyon_Fan
21. in.the.cold.breeze.
22. Romy
23. Soap3rz
24. bmwracer
25. SpiritedAway