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Ito Hideaki 伊藤英明 ( Hideaki Ito )

NameIto Hideaki
Star SignLeo
Birthday03 August 1975
Blood TypeO

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Ito Hideaki

This model turned successful actor has stolen the hearts of many women with his charming persona and brilliant acting. He continued to mark more notable perform...

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Filmography (31)
Byoushitsu de Nenbutsu o Tonaenaide Kudasai [2020]
Matsutomo Shouen (Teruyuki)
Terra Formars ~ Aratanaru Kibou [2016]
テラフォーマーズ ~ 新たなる希望
Komachi Shokichi
Boku no Yabai Tsuma [2016]
Mochizuki Kohei
望月幸平 (38)
Mutsu ~Mieru Me~ [2015]
Shiragami Yoji
白神陽児 (39)
Zainin no Uso [2014]
Kasahara Takuya
Dokushin Kizoku [2013]
Hoshino Susumu
Doubles ~ Futari no Keiji [2013]
ダブルス ~ 二人の刑事
Yamashita Shunsuke
Mottomo Toi Ginga [2013]
Kiryu Haruyuki
Last Money ~Ai no Nedan~ [2011]
ラストマネー 〜愛の値段〜
Mukoujima Sakutarou
Kokosei Restaurant [2011]
Kishino Hiroshi
Buzzer Beat ~ Gakeppuchi no Hero [2009]
Kawasaki Tomoya
First Kiss [2007]
Kano Kazuki
Kodoku no kake [2007]
Bengoshi no Kuzu [2006]
Takeda Masami
武田真実 (30)
Umizaru [2005]
Senzaki Daisuke
仙崎大輔 (29)
Umizaru [2004]
Senzaki Daisuke
先崎大輔 (28)
Shiroi Kyoto [2003]
Yanagihara Hiroshi
柳原 弘 (28)
Boku no Mahou Tsukai [2003]
町田 道男 (27)
Tentai Kanzoku [2002]
Sayama Kyoichi
狭山 恭一 (26)
Koi wo nan nen sundemasu ka? [2001]
Sawamura Hiroshi (26)
Le Parfum De La Jaolusie (Shitto no Kaori) [2001]
Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji Season 2 [2001]
救命病棟24時 2
Joshiana [2001]
Hotta Koji (26)
Ai wo kudasai [2000]
Yasha [2000]
Sei/Rin (24)
Yamada ikka no shinbou [1999]
Out ~ tsumatachi no hanzai [1999]
OUT ~妻たちの犯罪~
宮森カズオ (24)
Over Time [1999]
Kobayashi Yuuki
小林 裕貴 (23)
Boy hunt [1998]
Miyake Hiroshi (22)
Ai tokidoki uso [1998]
Dessin [1997]

Artiste Links (1)
Ito Hideaki Official Web Site

Users who voted for this artiste (52)
1. mmyy
Ito is like the purest, most authentic Japanese looking dude you'll find in J-showbiz. Everything about him oozes his locality; that kind of uniquity left me a deep, unforgettable impression since the day I first saw him. His work on Yasha has turned me into a loyal fan of his, as his great acting and diversity there was a startling contrast to his role in Umizaru.
2. Mint
Everytime I see him in a drama, he always plays a character who is the polar opposite from the character in the drama I saw him last. Very versatile and can be surprisingly hilarious as he was in Bengoshi no Kuzu...who says handsome people aren't funny?
3. Majide
His role in Yasha made me really interested in him~ He really stepped it up (in my opinion) especially playing the roles of both Sei and Rin and even playing their different personalities. Very awesome actor *dances* ^o^
4. MyDyingDoom
Amazing actor!! His acting is really impressive and touching, really love it. I saw only Yasha and Umirazu, but I felt like I was in love with his characters in those dramas. I want to see all of his films. Incredible!!
5. pinkokoro
tall and handsome. started off as supporting actor, and with good acting and exceptionally good look he climbed up and become the lead actor. He shines in dramas and movies.
6. johnnythao
Very good Actor, especially portray as Hiromasa in Onmyoji 1&2. Also very good looking and Hot.
I liked his foolish portray of Senzaki Daisuke in the Umizaru trilogy.
7. yuka
He is quite a good actor and it's a real plus that he is good looking too. Wonder why he did not get into the TOP 50 ranking in this site.
8. Rony Oka
I saw him in the movie, "Princess Blade," I thought he was a great performance and I had no idea he was in Jdorama. So he's got my vote.
9. Anshine
Not only he is hot and has charisma, but he is very talented !
He is definitely one of the best japanese actors.
10. Akakage
Beside his good looks, he can act very well..I hope to see him more as the lead actor in the near future.
11. kubotoki
Underrated, acted superbly in Umizaru Evolution and Yasha. Hope to see more of him in upcoming doramas :D
12. katfame
I've not seen him in any lead roles yet...but he sure knows how to steal the limelight from them...=)
13. xyz
He's not only charming but his acting is also very good. Love to see more of him in lead roles.
14. irul
Very2 cool... like his performance in Umizaru Revolution.. touching and really gr8 actor..
15. Hayato
Loves him Yasha.. Arisue Sei & Amamiya Rin!!
i hope there's 2 of him in this world
16. Ratu
Like him when he act in Lost in Love but falling for him after Umizaru!!!!!!!
17. zsazsa
World class talent. So very, very handsome and charming. Love him Yasha !
18. gince
He looks a bit like Jay Chou in Yasha but he is definitely better looking!
19. yuko^
great actor with great charisma. looks to have a great future!!rock ON!!
20. monta
fell for him after Umzaru and Tentai Kanzoku.
he can act !!!
21. Hontoni_Kawaii
SOOO CUTE!!! I just LOVE him as Sei & Rin in Yasha!!!
22. miriya52
Saw him in Tentai Kanzoku. Great actor, really handsome!
23. supaflysista21
OMG! This Man is amazing! His acting is awesome.
24. Yadirs
I really love his double role in YASHA.
25. jastical
Great actor with lots of potential!
26. nalika1
love his acting in Princess Blade
27. piano
love him in umizaru *_*
28. nuts
tall and cool.. suki!!!
29. minerva
love him in Yasha...
30. TeruJoe
hot guy in umizaru!!

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