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Hirayama Aya 平山あや ( Aya Hirayama )

NameHirayama Aya
Star SignCapricorn
Birthday13 January 1984

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Hirayama Aya

Born under the star sign Capricorn, Hirayama Aya has acted in a number of drama including Fighting Girl. This stylish actress is slowly getting recognized for h...

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Filmography (14)
Otona Joshi [2015]
Tachibana Saori
Miyabe Miyuki Mystery: Perfect Blue [2012]
Kimizuka Nana
Stepfather Step [2012]
Akiyama Nao
Dandy Daddy? ~ Renai Shosetsuka: Izaki Ryunosuke [2009]
Goto Miwa
Gokusen Season 3 [2008]
ごくせん 3
Takano Aoi (English Teacher)
Hataraki Man [2007]
Nagisa Mayu
Haruka 17 [2005]
はるか 17
Miyamae Haruka
Mystery Minzoku Gakusha Yakumo Itsuki [2004]
富良野 (20)
Itsumo futari de [2003]
Irie Chika
Ginza No Koi [2002]
Fighting Girl [2001]
Yoshida Fuyumi
吉田冬実 (16)
Hatachi no kekkon [2000]
Rinjin wa hisoki warau [1999]
Tengoku no kiss [1999]

Users who voted for this artiste (13)
1. Pemu
Hmm..dunno what to say. *speechless*
I've loved Aya for a long time before she became an actress. She's so pretty! She'll turn into a beautiful young woman someday. Only time will tell. Saw her first acting in WaterBoys movie! Oh boy! I was totally hilarious! Aya was lovely as a tomboy who's into karate! "2 ponytails" are her trademark, so cute! Too bad she doesn't have that haircut anymore. Short hair nowadays *cries* Despite the hairstyle it won't change my feelings toward her:)
I wish her good luck in the future! I wish to see her appearance in dramas/movies and of course photos of her:)
I vote for her, definitely!
2. lovecathy
I am impressed by her performance in WaterBoys. Besides, she has worked very very hard for a long time. She really got the potencial to be a super star. She just needs a few more days for shapring her acting and a fair chance to show herself. Then she will catch huge popularity. She is a talent indeed.
3. NevErEnD
I just recently know about her when watching Haruka 17,she acted very well as the character in the show.Therefore she was quite good and quite like her acting
4. Last samurai
Is very very beautiful girl....
I love japanese girl and I would like to meet her
5. ra9e1412
Good thing I borrowed Waterboys, otherwise I wouldnt be as lucky as to know her.
6. paten
she touch my heart when she smile in the drama Haruka17, very cute girl :D
7. ayalight
She is my princess and my power mode (inspiration)
8. Lauralye76
Like her since watching her in Waterboys.
9. iceberg
well, she's cute
10. MikeNolan
nice actress
11. deathwolf
12. kidthief
13. peef2