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Oshio Manabu 押尾学 ( Manabu Oshio )

NameOshio Manabu
Star SignTaurus
Birthday06 May 1978
Blood TypeB
B/W/H89 / 72 / 93

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Oshio Manabu

Known for his cool and debonair trait, Oshio is not only famous as an actor but also as a lead singer in a punk-rock band called LIV. His significant acting bre...

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Filmography (8)
Yume de Aimashou [2005]
野間良平 (28)
Kunimitsu no Matsuri [2003]
Muto Kunimitsu
武藤国光 (23)
Double score [2002]
ダブル スコア
Kawamura Etsuro
Haru Ranman [2002]
Mishima Sota
三嶋宗太 (23)
Love Revolution [2001]
Yabuki Mamoru
2001 no otoko un [2001]
Aizawa Kaoru
相沢カヲル (23)
Yamato Nadeshiko [2000]
Hanabusa Reiji
花房 (25)
Hatachi no kekkon [2000]

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..:: H20 ::...
Oshio Manabu pictures, discography and biography in english

Users who voted for this artiste (50)
1. Yayoi
I can only say one word, COOL! He's very suave and got a pair of really nice eyes (and not to forget THAT smile! XD). Plus his acting is quite good; I love his character in Double Score, which was coincidentally, the first dorama I saw him in (and liked him!). ^^ He's also another multi-talented artiste who can BOTH sing and act! So there! ^^
2. pedang_patah
i respect him bcuz he's very fluent in english.not many japanese actors nowadays are fluent in english.he got a band-liv[one of my favorite band].he got style-pierced ears,smokes[i dun like smokers actually but he's an exception.bcuz when he does,he looks cool!!*nose bleed*].he's a great actor and played his role really well.
3. supersumoCG
i dunno, i voted for him cause he's so sexy. seriously! he was incredibly hot in hatachi no kekkon, speaks english really good too. ive only seen him in one drama, from what i've seen, it's pretty ok.
4. SabrinaOshio
For the first time I see him wow.....Mamoru Yabuki. (",) I Love and Crazy for Oshio Manabu. My number 1 Japan Actor and I like the song "Without You" also look sexy went he speak english.
5. atata
Oshio is a talented actor, he is also good with music. He can speak english and i think he is cool at it. Moreover, he is 1.86m tall. Glad to see that he is having the lead roles now!!
6. mrsmilevskyi2001
what's not to like? he's undeniably gorgeous, he's got the commanding height and he possessed this coolness aura surrounding him. he speaks english too, a bonus point n my book ;p
7. aliens_82
there is no word to describe him...mmm..wait.. there is..he is soooo PERFECT...but i've never see him cry...i really want to see that...but he's still perfect!!! hehehe!!!
8. deanamarsh
Probably the only Japanese actor I'd label HOT. He's on fire man! He's like g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. Plus, he speaks perfect english. Talk about being too good to be true.
9. kyouki
good-looking artist, he is very versatile in his acting, from cool cop to sweet dentist role, he's actually a rock singer, how much mroe talented can one be
10. carolynx
He speaks good english and i think his acting is quite good. For those who haven seen his acting in Haru Ranman, his character is really cute.
11. mochi
I love how how his intense eyes look on his cherubic face, not to mention his perfect pout of course! ^-^ Very entertaining on double score.
12. lady_arwen
he is reallyyyy cute boy!!! i suddenly fall in love with him when i watch Double Score!!!ganbatte kudasai oshio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. roniee00
Watch few movies about Oshio Manabu, he's a great actor, especially when he speaks English..I like him so much!!
14. flyingangel
He is unique, pretty unique, he is not a typical Japanese guy, more open, more free, more handsome......
15. MeLLie..
Cool !!!,multi-talented, love him in double score!!!..and i like him when he speaks english....
16. vuuduugrrl
He's got an amazing smile and a wonderful singing voice ^-^ and he looks so cool when fighting
17. jianne
he's a goodlooking guy! i fell in love with him when i first saw him in Love Revolution.. :)
18. yuka
He is cool and I really like his coolly articulated American-accented English.
19. jfallonismine
He's so sexy, and speaks English. That deep voice..... oh ya! And he sings!!!!
20. baybay2bonbon
he's hot and he speaks english. man, he's hot. wait, did i say that he's hot?
21. cold_jade
Even though acting is not want he really wants to do, he does it really well.
22. Maine
Oh my!! I simply adore that bad boy air and the way he speaks English.
23. eirisan101
he's so great in tis series! he's awesomely handsome at the same time!
24. chikage
I love manabu, both his acting and his band-Liv...he is really cool
25. manutunia
Just one look at Love Revolution make you fall in love with him!!!
26. katfame
This guy is mesmerizing in every role he plays...a rare talent...
27. blue_addicted
CooL!! especially when he speaks english..Love his songs too..
28. Ryoshi
He is cool and speaks good english! Ganbatte kudasai Oshio!!
29. winter_gurlz
cute & hensom...i love his character in LOVE REVOLUTION
30. R4nda_05
Like his cool image and his talented in acts&music!

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