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Itoh Misaki 伊東美咲 ( Misaki Itoh )

NameItoh Misaki
Star SignGemini
Birthday26 May 1977
Blood TypeA
B/W/H83 / 60 / 87

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Itoh Misaki

Successful as a model, the beautiful and attractive, Itoh Misaki has gracefully making an entrance in the show business as a serious actress in the year 2000 wi...

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Filmography (20)
Edison no Haha [2008]
Ayukawa Noriko
Yama Onna Kabe Onna [2007]
Aoyagi Emi
Maison Ikkoku [2007]
Otonashi Kyoko
Sapuri [2006]
Fuji Minami
Kiken na Aneki [2005]
Minagawa Hiroko
Densha Otoko [2005]
Aoyama Saori (Hermes)
青山沙織 (25)
Tiger & Dragon [2005]
メグミ (25)
Hotman Season 2 [2004]
Furiya Shima
降矢志麻 (27)
Itoshi Kimie [2004]
Asakura Ai
浅倉亜衣 (26)
Ruten no Ouhi - Saigo no Koutei [2003]
Tatara Kijin
Kunimitsu no Matsuri [2003]
Sawa Masumi
佐和真澄 (24)
Tokyo Love Cinema [2003]
Sakamoto Mizuki
坂本理紗 (25)
Yoomigaeri [2003]
Taiho shichauzo [2002]
Tsujimoto Natsumi
辻本夏実 (24)
Lunch no Joou [2002]
Shiomi Tomato
塩見トマト (25)
Gokusen [2002]
Fujiyama Shizuka
藤山 静香 (26)
Suiyoubi no Jouji [2001]
Hamazaki Yukako
浜崎由香子 (33)
Beauty 7 [2001]
Shin Omizu no Hanamichi [2001]
Love complex [2000]

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Official Itoh Misaki Website

Users who voted for this artiste (194)
1. Oba-chan
Cute and shinning...
Maybe she is not a really good and skillful actress if you compare with Kanno miho or shinohara Ryoko, but i love her because i recognize Japanesse drama After watched her in Yama Onna Kabe Onna. She's the one who brings me back to life, since then i become more mature because Japanesse drama teach us about anything (Not just about Kissing And Killing like American Film Industries did). Thank you Misaki-chan
2. Sorata
I don�Lt care if people say she can�Lt act, i really liked all of her performances and she�Ls super cute. I saw her in Densha Otoko(Hermes-san), Gokusen, Tiger&Dragon, Kiken na Aneki, Itoshi Kimi e, Hotman 2, Yama Onna Kabe Onna, Lotto 6 de San-oku Ni-senman En Ateta Otoko(cameo), Lunch no Joou and Sapuri, my favorite performance was in Sapuri, she was really great with Kamenashi Kazuya.
3. slashersam016
Kawaii!!! Itoh Misaki!!! ok ahem.. first time ive seen her in the drama Hotman 2 (2003) as Shima. i'll admit she's great. then again in Densha Otoko as Saori/Hermes. her performance have evolve!!!..... i cant even say how much is it. she's really a brilliant actress. she's 30 right now im wishing that she find his dream guy and get married. and im gonna be there. (i hope)
4. sosweet56
started noticing her in Tiger and dragon. she was a "vase" in there, but she was sooooo funny. a big bimbo but useful one.
great actress. from her role in T&D to the one in densha otoko she definitely showed me she's a great actress. Pretty and nice body
5. chesed
Going from a character with a calm demeanor to one that's completely wacky is a good show of acting skills. There's always room for improvement, but if About Love proves anything, it's that good acting can indeed come from incredibly beautiful people.
6. woodstock
i like her since her cool performance in Love complex. n she look really cute in You're under arrest.. tall n pretty, with versatile acting tat can assume in a wide range of roles. currently trying to collect all the shows n dramas she acted in.
7. qwiksXnd
Misaki is simultaneoulsy cute and sexy and cute... and sexy. I've only seen her in You're Under Arrest and random commercials, but she's hot, funny, and charesmatic. And because of this, girls must hate her... Be nice to her everyone!
8. Fight-oh
Misaki is very talented, super beautiful and a really tall girl... I enjoyed seeing her in Densha Otoko and My Dangerous Sister.. She was the main character in both shows and I hope to see her in more.. Misaki is #8 on my list...
9. xiong_here
She's really a soft spoken character in Densha and her innocent demeanor is really cute. Her acting is great but sometimes its a little over when she's acting with co-star male Otaku lead. Nonetheless she's got great eyes!
10. aisuzieya
she is one of the most beautiful actress in Japan! she has an aura of glamour around her which makes her stand out of the ordinary beauty circle. 1st saw her in a Kanebo print ad, and i was amazed to see such a beauty~
11. altec
I remember her from Gokusen and thought she was okay. Now she's AMAZING! I watched Sapuri and she made me laugh so much. Then I watched Densha Otoko and she was so sweet! A very talented actor.
12. Scarlett
Have seen only one of her works and that's Itoshi Kimie. She's very sweet in this series. Hope to see her more often. BTW, she looks dazzling in Shisdeo ads. Big eyes and great smile.
13. The_Lyrics
i think i may have seen her in a few dramas before,i finally saw her shine in densha otoko was the first time i realized how great her acting was and how beautiful she looked in there.
14. gto_girlz83
i began to like her in Densha Otoko drama series.her appereance was totaly different n the natural beauty from her make me enjoy to watch that drama..Besides i love her in Gokusen
15. Puszedli
I saw her first in Gokusen and than in Sapuri. She was very good in these two dorama.The main role was her in Sapuri and she could unfold her talent there. She is very pretty too.
16. Char
Watched her performances in Gokusen and Taiho shichauzo - both are my favourites, but her role as Natsumi was very lovable ^^
And she has very impressive legs to boot~
17. Lucian Dureau
I loved the performance of Misaki Itoh, the beautiful HERMES, in Densha Otoko. I'm still waiting to listen her saying again "Moe" with that sweet voice.
18. liquidlzero
Itoh Misaki is just soo beautiful, funny and talented what else can i say she gets my vote...plus she was in densha otoko which got me into jdramas
19. plethman
I've seen her in a few dramas and she never stood out untill she did Densha Otako, she was perfect in the roll. I could fall in love with HERMIES
20. Bodhi
I fell in love with Hermes, she is a fantastic actress, and also very very cute. When she said Moe in Densha Otoko I thought I would die laughing
21. crazytigerfrog21
anything she does, i'll watch. What's hilarious is that I liked her the most in maybe one of her crappiest roles, her cop in Under Arrest.
22. phoenix278
She is a great actress. I have seen a couple of her dramas - in each one she has a different role! Her role in Densha got me hooked!
23. MigrainFilm_Ito
First saw her in Taiho Shichauzo then I think I falling for her !!
Ito Misaki 's really lovely , charmful and so beautiful for me.
24. toykimura
I've only seen her in 'Gokusen' -- which was a rather broad comedy, so it's difficult to know if she can act, but she is VERY cute.
25. Goldhawkz
saw her in densha otoko. nothing else to describe except:perfect! fall with her, especially in the 6th episode of densha otoko..
26. Raining JHan
she has to be prettiest girl i have ever seen..her performance in kiken an aneki was just awesome...i would like to meet her!!!
27. Jiro takahara
she has to be prettiest girl i have ever seen..her performance in kiken an aneki was just awesome...i would like to meet her!!!
28. silencio
She's tall, exudes elegance and grace, very charming, drop-dead gorgeous, and a dazzling smile that can melt polar icecaps!
29. aiscess
I like her when she does comedies. Her acting in dramas is average but I'll definitely watch her when it's a comedy.
30. densha_otoko
Loved her in densha otoko...of course
fell in love with her in kiken na aneki...so innocent and kawaii..*sigh*

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