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Nakayama Miho 中山美穂 ( Miho Nakayama )

NameNakayama Miho
Star SignPisces
Birthday01 March 1970
Blood TypeO
B/W/H78 / 57 / 84

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Nakayama Miho

Nakayama Miho is one of the few pop idols of the 1980's who managed to use the transition to actress to build a career as an established star. She is now one of...

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Filmography (16)
Kizoku Tantei [2017]
Kenja no Ai [2016]
Takanaka Mayuko
Platonic [2014]
Home & Away [2002]
Nakamori Kaede
Love Story [2001]
Sudoh Misaki
Nisennen no koi [2000]
Mashiro Rieru
Nemureru mori [1998]
Oba Minako
Oishii Kankei [1996]
Fujiwara Momoe
For you [1995]
Love letter [1995]
Watanabe Hiroko
Dareka ga kanojo o aishiteiru [1992]
Aitai toki ni anata wa inai (p.s. I miss you) [1991]
Suteki na kataomoi [1990]
Kimi no hitomi ni koishiteru! [1989]
Sobi ni Oideyo [1987]
Mama wa aidoru [1987]

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Users who voted for this artiste (29)
1. johuth
The reason I decieded to vote for Miho was that I realized that she was a very good actress after watching Home and Away. Becuase in that drama she showed many differnt feelings for different stuations in the show. I was realy impressed with her. I didn't realy thing anything about her becuase this was the first thing that I have seen her in all the way thourgh. I just loved her she is a very gifted actress. I will write more on her later!
2. aiyachan16
Along with nakamura toru, she was also in be-bop highschool. i remember back in the days..she was sooo popular for being a trendsetter (i.e, hats). but this girl can definitely act. u can almost feel how shes feeling when she's on. was happy to see toru and miho unite in Nemureru Mori!
3. Dot
Pretty actress who acts very well! Like to see her act as the blur but kind-hearted characters such as in Love Story, Home and Away... Also remember her from the movie Love Letter.
4. Terryb
Just watched her starring in Home and Away for the first time: she's just beautiful. much more my style than those teenage idols who usually can't act ;)
5. Topdrunkee the ILLnificen
Shows a very consistent performance out of the 5 or so dramas I've seen from her.
Ah yeah,and can't forget the most obvious reason...she's hot.
6. HC
Stunningly beautiful and talented. Hope she'll keep on acting after becoming a mom. Her husband is incredibly lucky.
7. thereds
i like watched miho nakayama in love 2000 play with takeshi kaneshiro and love story..
8. dokidoki
I started like her since her dorama "Young Mother" aired in Star TV eleven years ago
9. mokuren
A lovely actress that is light hearted and brings a nice touch to any drama.
10. masnita
She's sweet and I really like her acting in Love Letter...very touching.
11. Boogoo8
She's not just pretty but very elegant! Like her acting as well!
12. Bluejay
Gentle and beautiful -- with fire under the surface
13. lemonlime
love her in home and away!!!
14. Parishilton
miho is the besto.
15. miekomewf
Miho's da bomb !
16. wznpbg
Acts very well
17. peeka
18. fisan
19. Yasuko
20. takara51244
21. samurai_x
22. momoe
23. paolo
24. horse35
25. Susan
26. sinned12
27. fromjapan
28. occultangle
29. Zemus