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Goto Maki 後藤真希 ( Maki Goto )

NameGoto Maki
Star SignLibra
Birthday23 September 1985
Blood TypeO

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Filmography (3)
Yoshitsune [2005]
Yan Papa [2002]
Kazama Kaoruko
風見 薫子 (17)
Mariya [2001]
Sakamoto Hiyo

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Users who voted for this artiste (27)
1. flipcheek
maki should do some video game movie! like silent hill, something with intense action and/or crazy horror movie, but she's gotta be the protagonist. base from watching yubi and yanpapa she really can act, and her face looks well on camera. like with angelina jolie who wasnt really that popular(speaking of worldwide-girls interrupted) b4 the release of tomb raider. with a really good director, storyline and maki (no need for famous co-actor/co-actress in japan) she will really rise to the top as an outstanding actress. LET HER DO SOME ACTION MOVIE! enough with the drama!!
2. johuth
The reason I am voting for Goto Maki is she will become a realy good actress in the future I was realy impressed with her! I think that she will have a very bright future out side of music that is my guess. I loved her in yanpapa she was very good as a misunderstood teenager. I belive that the best is yet to come! I will write more on her later!
3. CWZ
She is a good actress and also a rising singer. She is basically Lovely. Not forgetting her in the drama "MARIA". Hope she will be able to keep it up in both her solo singing career and acting skill. Let's keep rolling...
4. CoolShadeS
though there's nothing special about her acting in yanpapa, but she definitely make the dorama looks better
5. Azumi
Nice on stage. I Like her in Yan Papa and I wished she had a bigger role and more dialog in Mariya.
6. Warrior
Hey!!!She is about my age.She is very prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(kawaii ne)
7. rifin2000
I like her face bcause she is like malay face i think... isn't she? ^_^
8. romi510
Excellent acting in Yan Papa and Yoshitsune!!! She has a bright future.
9. JDMFreak
she did a great job in Yan Pappa...good drama - lots of tears-
10. orange_k4zu
it 1st time i see her acting in maria drama...and not bad.....
11. nakashige
I think she's the best one from the Hello Project group
12. ngawing
ex-member of momusu!!
she is great singer and dancer!!
13. Mana
She will be mine, oh yes, she will be mine.
14. keii-kun
hm...can't say anything more..
15. ais--chan
she's cool...kuah2...he..^_^!!
16. Togepi@
she have elegant style.
17. bakaneko_san
Talented young cutie:)
18. dummyuser15
19. anduriachan
20. rhave
21. fc_taka
22. incubus
23. arata
24. p_pow
25. Iv3_imt
26. Pes
27. Anderei