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Nakashima Mika 中島美嘉 ( Mika Nakashima )

NameNakashima Mika

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Filmography (4)
Unubore Deka [2010]
Unubore's ex-girlfriend
Ryusei no Kizuna [2008]
Shiritsu Tantei Hama Mike [2002]
Kizudarake no Love Song [2001]
Shimazaki Miki

Users who voted for this artiste (22)
1. Kiyomi L. Denise
I've only seen her in Nana and Ryuusei no Kizuna. How different her characters are, how well she brought them to live. Changing her aura as needed, she is one of the rare actresses I never had anything negative to say about. Well, except that she's a little too skinny XD Nah, that has nothing to do with her acting. All in all, she is GOOD.
2. obentou
"Beautiful people really can't hide their looks." -Komatsu Nana

I agree~! Mika looks pretty with her romantic image, but she's just so kakkoi with that punkrock change for Oosaki Nana's role. Her voice is awesome too. Husky and alluring ^^
3. karen69
I love her music and her image always changes. I like her both as Nana and in real life. To be honest I don't find her pretty but she always looks cool in her very own style.
4. tabemonster
Just beautiful. Kinda kooky too :) Unexpectedly good actress! Makes me think of the Final Fantasy 8 theme song....she's "more than the dress and the voice"
5. ralphm1999
Wow. A+ song stylist. What an unforgettable performance in Santuary. And then the charming lovable Nana in Nana
6. jacqueline
She's beautiful, she can sing, and she's really not that bad of an actress.
7. andoryu
she's pretty, she can sing, she can act, what a nice future
8. blueharuka16
She is Nana. One of my favorite J-actress.
9. ~airin~
I love her music and she's pretty too.
10. deunan44hyde
great acting as NANA
11. fc_taka
12. rhave
13. incubus
14. arata
15. dummyuser15
16. Ardaka
17. beaboszi
18. boycandy
19. Anime Dad
20. moji33
21. judochick
22. LoreTsuchiya